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Among the most beautiful RhĂ´ne appellations ! 

Saint-Joseph AOC

This exceptional area called Saint-Joseph is located at the bend in the meandering course of the Rhône, on the right bank of the river. Spread over the 26 communes of the Ardèche and Loire departments, this wine-growing region of the northern Rhône Valley enjoys a temperate climate on the steep granitic slopes that run alongside the river. It is usually said in the region that "Pour que le vin soit bon, la vigne doit voir le fleuve” which means “for the wine to be good, the vine must see the river". The Saint-Joseph appellation produces a fine and elegant red wine, as well as a white wine with floral fragrances based on Roussanne, Marsanne and Syrah, the only red grape variety of the AOC. These Côtes-du-Rhône crus are best known for their red wines, but the whites are no less renowned. The diversity being numerous, it is not surprising to confuse them with the Condrieu or Côte Rôtie wines in the North, or a Cornas wine in the South and an Hermitage one nearby. Some of these Saint-Josephs are prized by experts for their high quality. This appellation shines thanks to some houses such as Maison M. Chapoutier, Delas Frères, E. Guigal, Domaine Louis Cheze, Domaine Courbis and Domaine Yves Cuilleron.

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Pierre & JerĂ´me Coursodon
Stéphane Ogier
Domaine Courbis
Pierre-Jean Villa

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vin rouge


They strike first by their colouring, then their full-bodied taste. They give off blackcurrant and raspberry aromas which evolve towards leather and liquorice notes. Wines that are both powerful and fine, expressing spicy aromas and delighting the most experienced connoisseurs. Provided you are patient, the best bottles can be kept in the cellar for almost 15 years! Aged 10 months to 2 years in chestnut or oak barrels, they reveal subtle vanilla notes.

vin blanc


Fruity and nervous, these white wines know how to be racy while retaining a notable suppleness. They are reminiscent of the nearby Hermitage wines. The white wines are vinified in stainless steel vats, giving way to a beautiful floral bouquet with notes of acacia, honey and even apricot stones. Drink from 2 to 8 years.


vin rouge


Red and white meats in sauce. Small game. Wild mushrooms. Roast, black pudding, Cheddar cheese.

vin blanc


Fish, marinated fish, shellfish, lobster, cooked shellfish. White meats, wild mushrooms, stuffed vegetables.

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