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    0,75 L Rose Wine / France / Corsica / Ile de Beauté / 13% vol

    Médaille d'ARGENT - Concours Général Agricole de Paris 2017 Hachette Rosé Guide: ★

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    10,28 € / L

  • A great cuvée at a great value for money!

    Gérard Bertrand is the owner and partner of the best winemakers of the Languedoc. He's only 22 years old when he must take the reins of his father's field and do the hard job of winemaker. 

    Today, 40 years, he acquired a mastery and know-how. His name and  wines make talking the press, and his prestigious wines are on the  card  of the best French gastronomy tables  and his less expensive wine is required from us with the utmost of sincerity.

    Immediately seduced by the crystal-clear and pure coulour, the elegance of a 'real' rosé is confirmed when tasting this gris blanc. Thirst-quenching with a taste of citrus and white fruits, its vividness and fineness makes it an enourmous pleasure to drink and all this with an excellent quality-price relation.

    An enjoyable rosé at bargain price... Easy, frank and balanced. In thmouththe attack is full of liveliness and finesse... You will finish the bottle without noticing! 




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    14,14 € / L

  • The rosé de Camargue everyone will talk about!!! A gold medalist at a great price!

    Dune is a rosé that pays tribute to the coastal terroir. Its name is a reference to the sand in which the vines are planted. This rosé, fresh and fine, reveals the vintners' know-how that were able to control this delicate and unique terroir. A relatively unknown appellation but who's fame is increasing! At that price, you will be asking for more! 


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    11,28 € / L

  • Glass stopper


    In line with the others wines from Chateau Puech Haut, the rosé Prestige is a gastronomic wine. This is the perfect cuvee for those who like rosé wine with body throughout the entire meal.

    A complete and gastronomic wine which allies elegance, balance and fruit.

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    17,86 € / L


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