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Terms and Conditions


Article 1 : Company is a limited liability company whose issued shares value 100000€. VINATIS’ headquarters are situated at ANNECY-LE-VIEUX (74940), 6 avenue du Pré de Challes- PAE des Glaisins, FRANCE.

The company’s legal representatives are Mr. Olivier Ivangine and Mr. Emmanuel Toussaint and are registered at the « Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés d’ Annecy » (Commerce and Companies Registrar of Annecy) under the account number 443 1000524 :


  • SIREN : 443 100 524 00042
  • TVA (French VAT) Reference: FR04443100524


Public Representatives : Olivier Ivangine ; Emmanuel Toussaint.

C.N.I.L Registered under the number 1396307

Site hosted by: OVH- 2 RUE KELLERMANN 59100 ROUBAIX (France)


Customer Service Contact Details:

Email : 

Téléphone : +44 203 499 5093


Article 2 :Applicability and application of the general terms and conditions of sale:

The general terms and conditions of sale presented here apply to every purchase made with the company VINATIS via their online shop or by telephone. To read the applicable terms and conditions, clients can at any time, even before completing a purchase, click on the button “Terms and Condition” that can be found at the footer of most pages of the site.

The act of ordering on the site and finalizing a purchase implies the full terms and conditions have been accepted in their entirety and without restrictions by the customer of VINATIS. Only by a written agreement stipulated by the two parties agreeing to any special conditions is an acceptable modification of these terms and conditions, without this these terms presented below are enforceable to the full extent of the law and dictate the relationship between Vinatis and its customer’s.

Offers presented by Vinatis are reserved for private individuals and under certain special conditions for groups, societies, or cellar keepers (See the ‘Weddings’ and B2B pages)

Before processing payment on the site every customer must also show physical proof of having accepted these terms and conditions, by ticking the check box, found in the basket, confirming that they have read, understood and accept the terms and conditions.


Article 3 : Order procedure:

 All orders are conducted through the site

The client creates their basket by choosing the number and type of products wanted. Once their choice has been made, they can check and confirm the order and the payment method.

After having accepted the general terms and conditions of sale of Vinatis, the order will become definitive once the payment has been confirmed.

The payment confirmation service of Vinatis has the right to demand of the customer proof of identity and address (proof of incorporation and VAT number for companies) to validate the order. In the case of refusal on the part of the client, or the non-conformity of the proofs Vinatis can refuse and cancel the order. For his part the client too has the right to cancel the order at this point if he does not wish to provide the proofs demanded of him.

The verification service also has the right to cancel certain orders if it is believed that the orders contain anomalies or irregularities that cast doubt on the veracity of the order (concerns about clients’ identity, irregular account creation etc)

A receipt of payment is produced by Vinatis and available in the section “My Account” on the site At the request of the customer this receipt can be sent to them by email or by letter to their billing address.

Products remain the property of VINATIS until the full payment of outstanding bills, in conform with the European law n°80 336 of 1st May 1980.

The client becomes the owner and fully responsible for the articles ordered at the point of delivery, where the transfer of the physical goods also constitutes transfer of the risk from Vinatis to the private individual.


Article 4 : Procedure of Payment

A : Mode of Payment:

The payment of orders can be accomplished by bank transfer, Paypal, bank card (including Amex), gift card or gift voucher.

Bank card :

The following types of cards are accepted: CB, VISA, EUROCARD, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS. By choosing to pay by American Express, the client accepts to pay a 3.25% surcharge of the total amount of their order for a payment by EUROS, or a 2.60% surcharge of the total amount of their order for a payment by GBP.

 Bank transfer :

Transfers should be made to the following account Bank : CIC Lyonnaise de Banque | Branch : CIC HAUTE-SAVOIE ENTREPRISE | Account Identification (RIB) :| Bank Code (Code banque) : 10096 | Sort Code (Code guichet ) : 18533 | Account Number : 00050057901 | Identification Key (Clé RIB) : 22 | Code BIC/SWIFT : CMCIFRPP | IBAN : FR76 1009 6185 3300 0500 5790 122


See T&C’s of Paypal

Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers :

Vinatis accepts solely the gift cards and gift vouchers issued by Vinatis themselves. See T&C’s of issued voucher/card for more details.


For the UK prices are displayed in GBP (£) and include all applicable taxes (English VAT as well as excise duties etc) For all other countries of delivery within the EU the price will differ depending on the product, and will include the local VAT rate of the country of delivery as well as other taxes. The currency of displayed prices can be changed at any time into EUROS (€).

 Prices indicated on product pages does not include shipping costs. The price of a product may vary depending on the quantity chosen. Shipping costs will vary according to the mode of transport chosen as well as the country of delivery. SHIPPING COSTS APPLIED TO ORDERS ARE AVAILABLE TO VIEW BY ALL CLIENTS BEFORE EVEN HAVING ADDED A PRODUCT TO THE BASKET VIA THE SHIPPING AND TRANSPORT PAGE.

 The company VINATIS reserves the right to change its sale prices.

 All promotional actions (gift vouchers, promotional codes, partner reductions…) are limited to one per person per operation. VINATIS reserves the right to refuse any order that does not correspond to these criterion.


Article 5 : Delivery:

 At the reception of payment of the order, VINATIS will launch the process of shipping and delivery. The delivery of the articles will be completed at the address indicated by the client. The information provided by the client thus implicated him in the delivery of the order. In the case of erroneous or incomplete information rendering the delivery impossible or resulting in a mistaken delivery, the company VINATIS cannot be held responsible. In the case of a returned order due to an incomplete address, the client will have the possibility to either: modify his delivery address and have his order re-sent, while supporting any additional shipping costs; or to have his order refunded with the cost of shipping deducted from the refund.

 The list of countries where delivery is available, and the matching tariffs can be found on the page SHIPPING AND TRANSPORT.

 Responsibility of safe transport: Merchandise en route to a client always travels at the risk of said client. It is their responsibility at the reception of the command, therefore, to check the content of the delivery to ensure the condition of the shipment. If this condition is not as expected they must follow the directive outlined: the customer must either signal the deliverer that they will not accept the package, sign the declaration provided by the deliverer and leave the package with him; or immediately call the customer service department of VINATIS in the presence of the deliverer. In either case the client must then address a letter to VINATIS and send it with recorded delivery AND send an email to within 2 days of having refused the delivery to inform VINATIS of the situation.

 Delay: The company VINATIS undertakes to make every effort to deliver products ordered in a timely fashion. The delay will vary according to product, the chosen method of delivery as well as the country of delivery chosen. If in an order products have different times of delivery the longest time of delivery will apply to the whole order.


Article 6 : Stock 

 In the case of a product in an order being out of stock, VINATIS will inform the client as soon as possible to allow the customer to choose their preferred course of action:

  • The substitution of the out of stock product by the following vintage or an equivalent/superior bottle within the same price range.
  • The refund of the value of the unavailable products or of the totality of the order at the discretion of the client.

 In the case of a temporary unavailability, the client will also be proposed the additional option to wait for the next date of restocking (which will be indicated to them) and at that point to have their full order shipped.


Article 7 : Commercial Operations and Opportunities:

 All the commercial operations available via the site (such as Flash Sales, Bin End Sales, Damaged Labels, winter and summer sales, the ‘Foire aux Vins’ etc. ) are subject to their own particular terms and conditions. In effect these operation can last a certain amount of time or for as long as stock lasts or until a set number of bottles are sold. At the end of the operation the products concerned are susceptible to a change in price. The client can benefit from the offer while it is available however once the operation is terminated VINATIS does not havfe to honor the past offer on any future order.

 Invitation Program : The company VINATIS extends the opportunity to its customers to take part in its Affiliate Invitation Program. This allows customers to benefit from gift vouchers for both the inviter as well as the invitee. These are usable on the site and are attributed to the accounts concerned immediately after the first order by the invitee superior to 100€ (or the equivalent in GPB), under condition that the order in completed. The gift vouchers, of a value of 10€ (or the equivalent in GPB), are valid for one year from the date of issue. They are available to view from the account page of both the inviter and the invitee however cannot be used as part of a monetary refund – they are a separate method of payment. VINATIS reserves the right to increase the value of these gift vouchers temporarily, and to decrease them back down to the original value of 10€ (or the equivalent in GPB) without informing the participating members. This augmentation in value does not change the terms and conditions of the vouchers. If VINATIS observes irregularities in the use of these gift vouchers (creation of multiple accounts, multiple accounts attributed to the same individual…) they reserve the right to use every measure available to stop the irregularities including, but not limited to, deleting suspect gift vouchers and blocking orders from certain accounts.

 Review and comment program: All customers of VINATIS who register with an account on the site have the possibility to leave an opinion on any bought bottles in the form of a comment. Each comment/review submitted to the site will earn the customer 1€ (or the equivalent in GPB). This will be in the form of a code of reduction that can be viewed in the account section of the customer. They are cumulative and can be used whenever the clients wishes. VINATIS reserves the right to refuse certain comments (see T&C’s of the Review and comment program).


Article 8 : Best Price Guarantee : “VINATIS will price match and refund the difference if you find a cheaper bottle elsewhere”

10 calendar days following the delivery of articles bought on the site , the company VINATIS will refund the difference in price of products that a client has found to be cheaper elsewhere.

 This guarantee applies to a product that is strictly identical (the same producer/domain/ chateau/vintage/colour/volume/origin) that can be found at a cheaper price on a website dedicated to online sales, and only when buying the same quantity of bottles. The comparison of prices can only be done with sites similar to VINATIS (sale of wine only on line) and where the company is registered with the INPI and declared to the “Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés”.

 Excluded from this guarantee are: commercial operations (sales, offers etc), private sales, auction sites, private/exclusive websites, sites where signing up is required (username and password), private individuals hosted on person to person sites, and sites undergoing liquidation (as declared by the RCS), and loss-leaders.

 The comparison and refund of the difference is done between the bottles involved as well as the delivery and shipping costs of VINATIS and the site in question. Meaning that the difference is calculated not only on the bottles but on the cost to the customer to have those bottles delivered to their door.

 The demand to have this comparison evaluated can be done by email, to the address , within the stated delay of 10 days following the delivery of the order, and must include the precise details of the seller and the cheaper price observed, along with links to where it can be found. The refund will be completed under 72 (working) hours from the time that the comparison is received and evaluated by our customer service department.


Article 9 : Right to Retraction :

In accordance with the EU directive, the French Law ‘Hamon’ – 17 March 2014 – allows the right of retraction. The applicable legislation concerning contracts established remotely or without physical interaction are the articles L121-21 to L121-21-8 of the consumers’ code in France.

 The client has a period of 14 days (article L221-18) from the reception of their order to declare their retraction. To declare this retraction the client must send the adjoined form (PDF ), either by email to  or by post (recorded delivery) to the address of the company headquarters.

 In the case of a retraction VINATIS will refund the order (article L121-21-4) within 14 days.

 The return of the totality of the ordered products must be completed within 14 days. Only once the products have been returned can the refund, equal to the totality of the amount payed by the customer to VINATIS (meaning the price at the time of purchase plus delivery costs minus applicable delivery deductions), be applied.

 In the case that certain products have been opened or consumed or not in their original condition, VINATIS reserves the right to deduct the value of these products as well as the total costs of the orders delivery from the refund given to the client.

 The return shipping costs are the responsibility of the client. The products while in transit are also transported at the risk of said client. Returns can be done by the preferred transporter of the customer. 

 VINATIS undertakes to refund the client within 14 days of having received the merchandise and controlled it conforms to the outlined conditions.

 In cases where the client observes an anomaly in the order due to VINATIS (example: product delivered not conforming the product ordered), VINATIS will refund the totality of the cost of the order of the problem bottle to the client: the cost of the product plus the cost of its delivery and return, under reserve that the bottle(s) arrive back at VINATIS in the condition it was when sent.


Article 10 : Lawsuits :

The terms and conditions presented here are subject to the application of French law. In the case of law suits, the party can address the customer service department ( who will then pass on the details to our legal department.


Article 11 : Protection of minors :

 The «Code de santé publique » (public health code) specifies that the sale of alcohol to minors under 18 years of age is illegal (modified, see article 93 of the French law HPST).

 When registering to the site the client must recognize his being an adult and every time he orders must tick the check box confirming his adheral to the terms and conditions and thus re-affirm that he is indeed 18 or over.


 Article 12 : Protection of personal information :

The site is implicated in the declaration of the CNIL. Conforming to the French law n° 78-17 6 January 1978 related to the technological domain, in “Filing and Freedom, persons have the right to access, edit or delete the personal information related to them that are stocked by and the responsibility of VINATIS. Any client can exercise this right by addressing our customer service department by email at the address or by post.

 To meet the demands and needs of clients, and to ensure an optimized remote service the company VINATIS is obliged to save certain personal information (name, address). This information is destined for use by VINATIS only.

 Payments by bank card are secured by an SSL online payment system. All information pertaining to clients’ banking details that they send to VINATIS to complete an order are neither saved nor visible online. VINATIS guarantees the confidentiality of this information.



Articles 13 : Images 

 Photos, graphics, and illustrations used on the site are non-useable. They are the exclusive property of VINATIS and are not free use.


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