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Annual Autumn Wine Sale

The Foire aux Vins (French for Wine Fair) is a special time of the year for wine lovers! It is when French families stock up their cellars with bottles bought at incredible sales...

At Vinatis, our special discounts go up from 02 September to 04 October. Hurry up, our stocks soon dwindle.

At Vinatis, buying wine online is easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Vinatis invites you to the Wine Fair! If you don’t take advantage to stock up your cellar now, you never will! Just for you, we have grouped all of our best deals during the Fair together. All you need to do is have a quick peek… let your self be tempted… and then savour what we have to offer.

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Discover vinatis' incredible sales on white wines!

Obsessed with White Wines?

Each year in September, Vinatis gives you an appointment with its Foir aux Vins (French for Wine Fair). For this event, our sommeliers select for you exceptional wines at the best ratio quality to price! On our website, you find great deals all year round; but it is THE time of the year to fill up your cellar thanks to the best bargains online!

Our Sommeliers' favourites

Taste vinatis sommeliers' favourite wines: best price guaranteed

The Special 'Foire aux Vins' Mixed Case (6 bottles)

Wine mixed cases - 6 bottles of wine you will love! Foir aux vins

4 Deals to not miss out on this Foir Aux Vins
4 Regions, 4 Products! 1 Gigantic Wine Sale

Best wines from the wine fair: discover vinatis' best deals!

Golden Nuggets of the Wine Fair

The hardest to find fine wines.

Bonus: Damaged Labels

The concept: it can happen in our stocks that a bottle may break, staining several others... But the wine inside remains untouched! Rather than throwing these bottles away, we sell them in a special section at rock-bottom prices.

In preparation for the Foire Aux Vins, we limit the sale of these damaged labels throughout the summer. Therefore, from September, the section DAMAGED LABELS is waiting for you with all its deals and big hits not to be missed!

Our Advice
Be ready for the Foire aux vins

1. Define your purchasing strategy

Make an inventory of your cellar and decide the types of wine that you wish to purchase. Now's the chance to broaden the variety of your stock, but you need to know in advance what to look for! 

Our advice: Each bottle has a detailed description, and a tab indicating the characteristics of the wine, as well as our customers' reviews. Use them!

2. Determine your budget

Set the budget that you want to allocate to the Foire aux Vins. Do not rush to search for bargains. In a burst of enthusiasm, your wallet might quickly end up being empty.

Our advice: Define your budget precisely, depending on the purchasing strategy you chose earlier.

3. First come, first served!

Do not wait until the last minute, most of the bottles on sale are available in limited quantities. It would be unfortunate if the wine that you need - displayed 50% off - slips through your fingers.

Our advice: Start shopping from the very first day of our Annual Spring Wine Sale!


Annual Autumn Wine Sale - The Foir aux Vins

The Foire aux Vins is the eagerly anticipated event of the year for wine lovers. Historically, this is the time of the year when the barrels are emptied for the next year. Commercially, it has become an opportunity to find the best quality to price ratio wines and champagnes; and it's not just for bottle-collectors! Vinatis sommeliers' pre-selection facilitates your purchases; a choice of wines at an unbeatable value for money. 

Fine wines, great vintages, or table wines... everything is at its lowest price ever! Vinatis advises you to make this Wine Fair an enjoyable time for your palate and for your wallet!