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From grand cru to table wines to enjoy with friends, you will be spoilt for choice! Selections by Robert Parker, wines recognised by Bettane & Dessauve, by La Revue des Vins de France or by Wine Spectator, our sommeliers rely on internationally renowned guides to select only exceptional wines at the best value for money. Once again... this is the Vinatis Wine Fair, a festival of bargains!


All red wine fans, white wine fans, rosé fans or champagne lovers, make sure to check out our best discounts. On the page above, find our best bargains by region: Burgundy wine, Bordeaux wine, Rhone wine, or New World Wines, you’re sure to find great bargains among ALL the wine-growing regions. Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina... treat yourself to a tasteful world tour! Riesling, Pinot Gris, Chablis, Châteauneuf du Pape, Côte de Beaune, Saint-Emilion, Margaux, Pomerol, Vinatis offers the very best appellations. Tariquet, Guigal, Chapoutier, Mouton Cadet, Bouchard Père & Fils, Ruinart, Dom Pérignon, Bollinger, Mumm, Moët & Chandon, Taittinger... some big names are in the spotlight!


For its Wine Fair, Vinatis highlights the best bargains you can find! Grand Cru rub shoulders with the most modest of wines, but all with the assurance of finding reasonably priced wine. Vinatis highlights its low-budget selection and its best sellers alongside the Robert Parker selection. The unmistakable gold medalists along with the selection of best deals means you can indulge your passion for wine without moderation regardless of budget. At Vinatis ordering wine online has never been easier! It is THE online wine shop that you cannot miss when stocking up your cellar! It's simple, the Wine Fair at Vinatis is unmissable this spring.


Vinatis selections will help you find exactly what you are looking for, or if you haven’t anything in mind will help you find the bottles that’ll give you the most pleasure! Among our categories, find the best bargains by region to buy quality wine with your eyes closed: a selection of Burgundy, Bordeaux, Rhône, Languedoc and wines from all over. Red wine, white wine, rosé wine, enjoy discounts on everything you enjoy! To discover the engaging selection of our sommeliers, let yourself be convinced by the favorites of our experts! Excellent quality-price ratio that we wish to share with you! Not to mention the Special Spring Wine Fair Case... 6 bottles that will make a splash this summer!


For winemakers, the original purpose of wine fairs was simple: to sell volume in order to empty barrels before the next harvest. Since the event has become a commercial opportunity for retailers, it is also an opportunity to offer wines at interesting prices, from entry-level to the finest wines. It is also a good way to offer new discoveries: grands crus, new estates, up-and-coming appellations, wines from around the world, organic wines, natural wines, vegan wines, or mono grape varietal wines...


There are in fact several Wine Fairs.

The main one (known as the Autumn Wine Fair) takes place at the beginning of September. This Fair is important because historically, it meets the needs of producers who wish to sell their stocks before the harvest (which generally takes place from September/October). The event is a pivotal moment in the world of wine.

There is also a Spring Wine Fair. But the reason for this Fair is purely commercial, it is based on the sales period in order to offer more interesting commercial deals to consumers.

Foire au vins

Bouchons millesimés


The first fair 100% dedicated to wine took place in 1927 in Colmar. Over time, the Colmar Wine Fair became an increasingly important commercial event. Later in the 1970s, with the development of mass retailing, retailers also started to organise special operations for the wine fair. At the time, wine was not very widely sold in supermarkets because the large wine merchants were a little reluctant to participate in the operation. Two opposing worlds. But the success of the first wine fairs eventually democratised the commercial operation.

30 years later, with the advent of the Internet, the Wine Fair has reinvented itself on the web. It now occupies an important place in online shops, to the extent that supermarket chains are moving from the "physical" to the "digital" by paying more attention to their commercial messaging to Internet users. More and more online wine sales sites, known as "online wine merchants" because they are specialised, are proposing their offers with particularly interesting deals in terms of quality/price ratio.

Vinatis is a pioneer on the internet... Since 2002, the event has been in full swing every autumn, AND every spring!


Every year Vinatis invites you to its Autumn Wine Fair. The long awaited event that we prepare all year long! From the great vintage to the smaller wine to enjoy with friends, you will be spoilt for choice! Table wines or wines from around world, we bet on quality vintages for all tastes and all budgets. We offer red, white and rosé wines from the greatest wine regions. The only thing that remains constant: Nothing but good wine at the best price! A festival of bargains! The back-to-school fair is ideal for preparing for the end-of-year celebrations!

Vinatis also offers its Spring Wine Fair to make the most before the summer: it comes at the right time when the September stock is exhausted. Sunshine, summer Sundays with friends, long evenings on patio, aperitifs that go on for hours... Everyone likes to have a well-stocked cellar for these improvised moments. Contrary to the one in autumn, our Spring Wine Fair focuses on ready-to-drink wines. It's time to stock up for the good times, hopefully outside!

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You can trust your own taste if you are a connoisseur, or ask for advice from friends and family if you are a novice. On Vinatis, each wine has its own description including the tasting notes of our experts: colour, nose, mouth, grape varieties, serving time... not forgetting the suggestions for food and wine pairing. Everyone can search by type, colour, region, appellation, country, grape variety, capacity, wines to drink or to keep. Vinatis is also keen to give its customers a say, on verified purchases, customers can give their opinion on a wine by rating it. This is a guarantee of transparency for the visitor, who can rely not only on our expertise, but also on the opinion of the greatest number of people. It's easier and faster to buy wine online when you're looking for the best price. Comparing and creating your own wine list is more convenient: no need to wait for a salesperson to finish with another customer to advise you!


The concept of Wine Fairs is gradually spreading outside France:

Other French-speaking countries (notably Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland) as well in other non-French speaking countries where the wine culture is developing or is already present, are taking advantage of the craze for this major event in the world of wine.

Our advice for Wine Fair preparation

Choisissez les vins selon vos besoins

1. Determine your purchasing strategy

Take stock of your cellar and define the types of wine you wish to acquire. Whether you want to keep your wines for a long time or have them ready to drink, this fair is an opportunity to broaden the diversity of your stock, but you need to know what you need.

Our advice: Each bottle is associated with a detailed description, a tab specifying the characteristics of the wine as well as customer reviews, take them into account to facilitate your choice.

DĂ©finir son budget pour trouver les meilleures affaires vin chez Vinatis

2. Define your budget

Define your budget for the fair. Don't rush headlong into looking for bargains. Your wallet could be empty in a rush of enthusiasm!

Our advice: Define your budget precisely beforehand according to the purchasing criteria you have previously defined.

Acheter vos vins : profitez-en vite !

3. First come, first served

Don't wait until the last minute, most of the bottles on sale are in limited stock, it would be a pity if the wine you just needed and which is displayed at -30% passed you by.

Our advice: Do your shopping on the first day of the fair!

A pricing policy that respects the winemaker

The prices set and the commercial operations are established in agreement with the estates and winegrowers.

Our obsession: your satisfaction!

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