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Annual Spring Wine Sale - The Foire Aux Vins

All your stocks from our autumn Foir Aux Vins are gone? Luckily for your cellar, we also have a Spring Annual Sale! It’s the best time to buy good bottles at rock-bottom prices…

Our sommeliers have reserved for you some VERY SPECIAL OFFERS; look up for your favourite wines, or decide to discover something new… and then enjoy!

Good weather is coming back; what is your plan?! Barbecues, picnics, long evenings with friends, a wedding to plan…? Time to stock up! 


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To buy wine with your eyes closed

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To help you finding what you are looking for... and your next favourite wines!

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Obsessed With White Wines

Chaque année Vinatis vous donne rendez-vous avec ses Foire aux vins d'automne et Foire aux vins de printemps. Contrairement à celle de la rentrée, notre Foire aux vins de printemps mise sur des vins prêts à boire pour vos longues soirées d'été.

Pour l’évènement, nos sommeliers ont sélectionné des vins d’exception au meilleur rapport qualité-prix.

Wine Fair - Premixed Case


The best of the Foire aux Vins in one box!

Our Advices
To really be ready for our Wine Fair

1. Define your purchasing strategy

Make an inventory of your cellar and decide the types of wine that you wish to purchase. It is now the chance to broaden the variety of your stock; but you need to know in advance what to look for! 

Our advice: Each bottle has a detailed description, and a tab indicating the characteristics of the wine, as well as our customers' reviews. 

2. Determine your budget

Set the budget that you want to allocate to the Foire aux Vins. Do not rush to the search for bargains. In a burst of enthusiasm,your wallet might quickly end up being empty.

Our advice: Enclose your budget precisely, depending on the purchasing strategy you defined earlier.


3. First come, first served!

Do not wait until the last minute, most of the bottles on sale are available in limited quantities. It would be unfortunate if the wine that you need - displayed 50% off - slips through your fingers.

Our advice: Start shopping since the very first day of our Annual Autumn Wine Sale!