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Our Blanc de Blancs champagnes

The term “Blanc de Blancs” (literally “White of whites” ) applies to a champagne elaborated exclusively from white grape juice coming from white skinned grapes. Therefore the Pinot Noir grape variety cannot be used, it being a black skinned grape; Chardonnay is the most common grape variety for the production of Champagne Blanc de Blancs.

However, few others grape varieties such as Pinot Blanc or Arbane are also authorised, and can be part of the cuvée blending; that’s where the S in “Blanc de Blancs” comes from.

Conversely, when speaking of "Blanc de Noirs" they are Champagnes produced only from black skinned grapes with white juice (Pinot Noir or Pinot Meunier grape varieties).

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