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At Vinatis, we are proud to invite you to our brand new beer shop! Here you can find German and Belgian beers, and even discover beers from Asia!

Don’t miss our very special beer offers on the best brands worldwide… Aperitifs, dinners, or beer pong tournaments… We can find a match for all tastes, and budgets!

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Discover some safe bets among our best-selling beers, and be always up-to-date on our new products!

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Brasserie des Garrigues
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Be sure to buy a beer you will like thanks to our selections! Safe bets, beer cases, gift ideas… Vinatis helps you not to miss any good deals and to buy beer at the best price! Let us guide you…

Awarded beers at the best price online guaranteed

The Most Awarded Beers

Choose from our selection of the most appreciated and award winning beers, both by the general public and tasting professionals. Check out all reviews in each category to be sure to make the right choice!

Our favourite beers! Trust our sommeliers advice


Our clients and sommeliers have chosen their favourite beers, and they are all in this selection! Check it out and find a beer to match your tastes… will it become one of your favourites too?!

Magnums of Beer


Big party at yours and you want to impress your guests? Consider Beer Magnums: the 1.5 L format is always a hit! Discover our selection of Magnums of all your favourite beers…

Beer Gift cases with accessories

Gift cases with accessories

Find your favourite products in ready-to-offer beer gifts! They all contain beer, as well as accessories from the brewery. Ideal gift ideas to please without going broke!

Beer Mixed Cases at the best price online guaranteed

Beer Mixed Cases


100% Belgian Beers, Top Best-Sellers, Vinatis' Faves... Our sommeliers do not lack imagination when creating thematic beer cases. Great gift ideas, they're also nice discoveries to make yourself!

Tasting Glasses


Beer glasses are essential for tasting: connoisseurs know it, and you soon know too! Taste our beers in their brewery’s glass: but be prepared for the collector-effect!


Beers By Country
Pack your stuff and jump on a plane!

Belgian Beers at the best price online guaranteed

100% Belgian Beers

When it comes to beer; Belgians do it better! THE country of malt and hop, Belgium produces some of the most famous beers worldwide. Discover our selection of Belgian beer and enjoy: Santé!

French Beers on Vinatis: Best Price guarantee or refund

100% French Beers

French craft beers have the wind in their sails! Travel the roads of France to discover the newest brewers out there!

Beers of Europe at the best price online

A Trip To Europe

From Northern Europe to England or Germany, discover the most famous and original beers of Europe! Beware: they hit the spot

USA Beers at the best price online

Journey 'cross the States

Let’s leave for the New World! Canada, the US, Latin America… this huge continent offers a wide variety of beers to discover from today!

Travel To Asia

Japanese and Chinese Beers are known worldwide for their delicacy to face the climate. But some breweries also become more and more appreciated by those who prefer stronger beers…

Organic Beers at the best price online

All Our ORGANIC Beers