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When it comes to beer; Belgians do it better! THE country of malt and hop, Belgium produces some of the most famous beers worldwide. Discover our selection of Belgian beer and enjoy: Santé!

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French craft beers have the wind in their sails! Go on the roads of France to discover the newest brewers out there!

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Let’s leave for the New World! Canada, USA, Latin America… this huge continent offers a wide variety of beers to discover from today!

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    0,75 L France / Savoy / Copper Beer / Amber Ale / 6,5% vol

    Award-wining beer: best amber beer of the world!

    The amber beer of the Brasserie du Mont-Blanc is a real award-winner! It is harmoniously composed of 3 malts, different hops and a bouquet of spices from which the composition remains a secret. The result is full of surprises and variations: an ample and malted attack, unctuous notes of caramel and roasted almonds, and a fruity finale. “An iron fist in a velvet glove” as the brewery itself calls it. One of the safest beer offers!

    More information about Brasserie du Mont-Blanc

    1 review(s)
    6,21 €
    8,28 € / L

  • One of the best beers in the world: Van de Keizer Blauw has become a must-have for many enthusiasts!

    Every year, on February 24, the day of Emperor Charles' birthday, Het Anker produces the Van de Keizer Blauw in limited quantities. This mythical beer is made from the same recipe as the Carolus Classic, but with denser and more complex aromas. Rated 100/100 on Rate Beer, this dark beer is ranked amongst the best beers in the world... just like that!

    8,04 €
    10,71 € / L

  • Sour and refreshing: a perfect thirst-quenching beer!


    The white beer of Brasserie du Mont-Blanc is a Wheatbeer (Belgian type of white beer): the barley malt, the wheat malt and different types of hops are highlighted by a spicy bouquet dominated by coriander and the orange peel of Curaçao. Totally refreshing! Try it with subtle meals such as crudities, raw fish recipes or even oysters!

    2 review(s)
    6,11 €
    8,14 € / L

  • A complete selection to discover French craft breweries!


    French craft breweries are flying high! Taste the unique flavours of this great selection of beer of this mixed case, you will discover original and delicious beers. White, amber, black, lager, Indian Pale Ale, flavoured: all colours and styles are in this case. An ideal mixed case for amateurs or enthusiasts!

    38,46 € 28,82 €
    6,40 € / L

  • A beer that's already famous worldwide


    Among the bestsellers of all wine merchants, the Duvel (wich means 'devil' in Flemish) does not need an introduction. Born in 1918, this blond, sweet and creamy beer, has invented a style: the Golden Ale. A stand-alone that deserves its success, with its delicate and perfect balance between alcohol, cereals and fruity notes. Duvel is an unforgettable aperitif; as well as a perfect pairing to salads. It may be also used in the preparation of culinary sauces. Impossible to go wrong!

    8,04 €
    10,71 € / L


    Belgium / Blonde Beer / Pale Ale / 8,5% vol

    94/100 Ratebeer 91/100 Beer Advocate
    Delirium, the beer that will drive you nuts...if you stop drinking it!

    Delirium Tremens is the name given to the hallucinations of people under alcohol withdrawal... hence the pink elephants! From the outset, the tone has been set. More seriously, how to miss out on this key Belgian beer?! Brewed from three different yeasts, with fruity and slightly spicy notes... it is particularly round, bittersweet and quite strong in alcohol. Delirium always impresses Belgian beer lovers; and it has been for more than 10 years one of the safe bets of his country.

    7,45 €
    9,93 € / L


  • 105 item(s)
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