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You might be one of those people who describe themselves as "Not really a wine person..." If this is the case; of course we encourage you to give it another go! But in the meantime, we have collected a great selection of spirits just for you! Whiskies from all over the world, cognac, vodka... think of an alcoholic drink you like, and we probably have it!

If you're a bit sceptical to buy spirits online, Vinatis is the shop you should trust!

Fine Wine: the largest online selection


Famous worldwide, this brandy is an ancient tradition in France. It is produced by the double distillation of specific white wine grapes from the Cognac region. Among the most famous brands are Hennessy and Martell, but there are still many more to discover…

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What is Armagnac? It is the oldest brandy produced in France; in the Armagnac area in Gascony. It is traditionally distilled once, resulting in more flavour than the twice-distilled Cognac. You have to taste it at least once in your life!  


Whisky is a spirit that doesn’t need anybuy introductions; produced though the distillation of fermented grain mash. Typically it comes from Scotland or Ireland… But Japanese and French whiskies are also excellent!

Choose your wine by country: do not stop at Italian and Spanish wine!


Rum is made by fermentation and distillation of sugarcane products (molasses or sugarcane juice), and it is usually aged in oak barrels. It is primarily produced in South America and the Caribbean; warm and nice, you need to have it at home!

Aniseed Drinks

Discover our aniseed drinks from the Mediterranean Basin, from Spain to Lebanon. Produced by flavouring ethyl alcohol with natural extracts of liquorice root, star anise and fennel, green aniseed and different aromatic plants.

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Vodka is the distilled beverage from Eastern Europe (Russia, Poland, Ukraine…); it is traditionally drunk neat, but nowadays we often see it used in cocktails. Prepare a Cosmopolitan for your friends when they come over!

Chartreuse French Liqueur at the best price online guaranteed


Discover here at Vinatis this very special French liqueur. Made by the Carthusian Monks since 1737, it is distilled alcohol aged with 130 herbs, plants and flowers. Chartreuse particular green tint is now a colour name of its own! 

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Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please consume in moderation.

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