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All Our Red Wines

You are more of a red wine drinker?! Then welcome to your new favourite wine shop! At Vinatis, we have all types of red wine: racy and full-bodied, as well as light and fruity ones... Our selection goes from the greatest Grands Crus to economic table wines on smaller but delicious cuvées; do never forget that our sommeliers have tasted approved and selected every single bottle of our website, therefore you can always be sure about the quality of the bottles, even when the price seems too small to be real!

Most Popular Regions For Red Wines

Burgundy Red Wines at the best price online guaranteed

Burgundy Red Wines

Recognised to be amongst the best red wines in France, Burgundy red wines have certain common features. Colour is rich and turns to ruby with ageing. The bouquet is fruity (strawberry, cherry, blackcurrant…) and peppery. Taste wise, red wines from Burgundy are very lively, structured and round; supple tannins join the racy structure into a balanced result.

Check out Vinatis' huge selection of red wines from Bordeaux!

Bordeaux Red Wines

The French wine region of Bordeaux benefits from a vast territory expressing a great diversity of soils, climates and grape varieties. Bordeaux red wines offer a palette of infinite hues and combine their virtues in many different ways. As different as they are, they have in common to always emphasize the expression of the fruit; a pleasant, convivial wine.

Rhone Valley Red Wines

Rhone Valley is mostly famous for its red wines; common red grape varieties in the area are Shiraz and Grenache. Red wines from this region are generally full-bodied, having in common a fine and elegant tannic structure, which requires a few years of ageing to refine. Nose is very seductive, with aromas of violets, cocoa, liquorice, red fruits and pepper.

Red Wines - Vinatis' Top Ranking

When it comes to red wine, ou only trust Robert Parker's advice? Or you prefer Wine Spectator's tastes? In any case, Vinatis has created a perfect selection for you: our best awarded red wines, sorted by price. 

Just pick your price range, and be sure to purchase a great red wine; value for money matters!

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  •  "A breathtaking wine" - Robert Parker


    Made of grapes from vines of over 40 years old, les Darons (the fathers in slang) is aptly named! Charming with a fruity and spicy nose, balanced and powerful, it has a light roasted hint (even though it was aged in barrels) that adds texture and generosity. A strong and safe wine made for the bons vivants! 

    8 review(s)
    11,95 €
    15,94 € / L

  • Rated 92-95/100 by Robert PARKER / Wine Advocate, this vintage 2014 follows the lead of previous vintages!


    A great full-bodied, strong Languedoc wine with lots of black fruits, pepper and liquorice, you can bet on it for the next 10 years. Vines, terroir, know-how are harmoniously combined. Just spicy as we like it with a velvety side in the mouth and a nice persistent freshness. Convincing from the first sip...and the rest is nothing but pleasure.

    More information here

    18,93 €
    25,24 € / L

  • Bright colour, spicy finale, aromas of red fruits: the red wine parallèle 45 will make you melt for!


    No parallel to draw, this one is unique! The house Paul Jaboulet Ainé is a great reference in the Rhone Valley thanks to prestigious cuvees (La Chapelle) but keeps the same quality for the „affodable“ ones. Around a table with friends, one bottle won’t be enough! The pleasure will never end!

    13,46 €
    17,95 € / L

  • This Cotes du Rhone from Guigal confirms its reputation of an unavoidable safe value!


    Once again the house Guigal - noted 5 stars by Robert Parkerconfirms its leading position! A red wine on the freshness of the fruit, fine and pleasant to enjoy from now on.

    14,11 €
    18,81 € / L

  • THE wine to have in your cellar


    Elegance, complexity, righteousness, finesse of the perfumes: this cuvee has everything! The structure is well-defined and proves that it’s a worth keeping-in-cellar wine.

    Between its high Parker rate, its excellent value for money and the prestige of the domain, you have no reason to doubt. 

    21,07 €
    28,09 € / L

  • Stéphane OGIER signs a 100% gourmandise wine with a superb quality/price ratio!


    Stéphane Ogier enters for the 2015 harvest in an ultra-contemporary cellar in Ampuis; where he finally has all the space he needs to vinify a vineyard that has greatly expanded, and to free rein to his creative talent. This entry-level wine from one of the greatest names in the Rhone Valley will surely get itself talked about for its finesse, fruitiness and elegance. Briefly, an excellent Côtes du Rhône for an unbeatable quality/price ratio. Taste and love it!

    14,11 €
    18,81 € / L


  • 925 item(s)
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