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About Us

We are…

A dynamic team with almost 15 years of experience.
Above all, Vinatis success depends on the talent of our teams, passionate and motivated
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The founders

An independent and complementary duo

Fine Wines

For passionate collectors, Vinatis retains its Grands Crus and legendary vintages in professional wine cellars Eurocave. An advanced technology to preserve the greatest wines in aging cellars dedicated to the conservation of wines for ageing. A refrigerating solution for efficient and respectful management of the organoleptic qualities of the wine...


Our sommeliers only do blind tastings, to avoid the influence of visual labels or of eventual awards assigned by the press. For a wine to be approved, it must not only be appreciated; but also have a convincing quality/price ratio.

Our B2B service

A big corporate order, a wedding to organize, a quotation? Our two henchmen are there to advise you personally!

A demanding selection

Our sommeliers ensure to construct a range of wine that suits your tastes: because we follow your ratings, your favourites and bestsellers… We are very careful to the comments you leave! Your reviews count and make the strength of Vinatis: a true community of wine lovers.

Meet our sommeliers

Our sommeliers

Their nose and palate are priceless! Passionate oenophiles, they carefully select the wines that you find on our website, and negotiate directly with the estates.

Meet our sommeliers

Our stockists

Better than Santa's elves, our stockists are working hard to deliver your orders on time.

Our dynamic and efficient delivery team packs your boxes with the greatest care for optimal shipping. Your bottles are inserted in special anti-breakage cartons; approved by our delivery companies to ensure the safety of your shipment.

Careful shipping

Consolidated packaging to protect from bumps, and a transport logistics which has rarely upset our customers!

Quality Respect

Storage conditions of our wines really respect the product. With over 2,500 references, our vast warehouse is equipped to meet customer requirements.

An air-conditioned warehouse

With an air-conditioned warehouse of over 4000sqm, we can supply our stocks with a high number of bottles; thus ensuring a prompt delivery.

Our international service

They are the ones who are pushing the business outside French borders!

Our web-marketing experts:

50 ideas for seconds, they are full of energy and excel in strategy; communication and editorial to provide an attractive and convenient website.

Our Web developers:

Our super Heroes! Passionate of lines of code, they develop faster than their shadow to simplify our lives.

Our graphic designers

4 elements to imagine one world, the website! Chaotic desk like all creative people, yet they are pixel freaks.

Our customer service

A problem? Installed in our warehouses, it is them to answer the phone when you call! They always find the best offers to for your satisfaction; basically, they pamper our clients.

Our administrative service

Paperwork, that's them! They operate behind the scenes of Vinatis, to manage the company entirely.

For the records…