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Élu Vigneron de l'Année - Guide Hachette ★★★★ Guide Bettane et Desseauve - NOTATION DOMAINE 2024
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Founded in 1729, Ruinart is the oldest house in Champagne , a symbol of world-renowned technique and French lifestyle. With its three centuries of history, it has constantly consolidated the excellence of its wines, instantly recognisable by its specially shaped bottle. The house has made the choice of leaning on Chardonnay grapes, delicate and fragile; a thread tying... Read more

Tradition and passion

It is no coincidence that the Ruinart House was created in the Age of Enlightenment. An era marked by refinement and culture, by the search for beauty and luminosity. The House of Ruinart was founded in 1729, and since then the production of its champagne has been guided by the Spirit of the Enlightenment. Elegance and finesse. Freshness and lightness. We owe the Chardonnay grape variety the signature of the Ruinart House. A delicate and demanding grape variety that marks each of the House's vintages.

The song of the monks

A dream of whiteness, purity and absoluteness. With Ruinart, the song of the monks of Champagne rises to the sky through the whiteness of sacred vaults.

In its limpid and clear bottle, Ruinart illuminates the spirit with a yellow light with green reflections of jasper and emerald. The same light that, in pure silence, radiates from the whiteness of the house's chalk pits - among the most beautiful in the entire Champagne vineyard - or from the virginal freshness of a winter morning.

Delicacy, precision, simplicity...

Hawthorn, lemon, orange, and sometimes iris. In the glass, Ruinart exalts the brilliance of delicate fragrances. Minerality and purity. On the palate, Ruinart's style is dominated by these two typical features of Chardonnay, the white grape variety that dominates its constitution, and which are born on old white chalk soils. Delicacy. Precision. Simplicity. The fluidity of the sensations makes the Ruinart style recognizable among all.

Wine lovers rarely begin their journey in Champagne with Ruinart. That does not mean that Ruinart is an elitist wine, but to appreciate the finesse and depth of its purity, an effort is required, and openness of the senses. So Ruinart reveals itself as it is: a desire for purity, a demand for the absolute, a contemporary song of meditation and prayer.

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please consume in moderation.

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