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Domaine Guigal is managed by Marcel and his son Philippe. Between them, they have developed a real style, marked by an irreproachable quality of the harvest and a long ageing period of three years, two of which are spent in barrels. During this maturation, the wines develop a patina and woodiness, a signature that they will retain throughout their lives. In addition to their... Read more

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An emblematic figure in the Rhône Valley for over 50 years, Maison Guigal, located in Ampuis, has built its reputation on its famous Côte Rôtie wines. The estate has become a true reference in this AOC, and also works on other prestigious Rhône appellations:

Côte Rôtie AOC

  • Côte Rôtie AOC

The oldest vineyard in the Rhône Valley, the Côte Rôtie vineyard is made up of the Côte Brune, planted almost exclusively with Syrah, and the Côte Blonde, planted with Syrah and Viognier. Maison Guigal produces some of its most prestigious wines here: "La Mouline" and "La Landonne", named vineyards located on the Côte Blonde, and "La Turque", named vineyard on the Côte Brune. This family estate also produces the Fine Wine of "Château d'Ampuis", from seven of the most exceptional vines of the House.

Condrieu AOC

  • Condrieu AOC

The Condrieu vineyard is made up exclusively of the Viognier grape variety and is distinguished by its steep terraces overlooking the Rhône. Particularly well adapted to the granite soil of this terroir, Viognier expresses itself with complexity, giving a white wine with intense and subtle aromas of white peach and apricot. On this noble appellation, the Maison Guigal produces great wines like "La Doriane" and "Luminescence".

Saint Joseph AOC

  • Saint Joseph AOC

Domaine Guigal also works on illustrious plots in the Saint Joseph appellation. Named after the Jesuit monks of Tournon, this AOC produces red wines from the Syrah grape and white wines from the Marsanne and Roussanne grapes. With a south/south-east exposure and steep granite soil, this vineyard produces wines that combine delicacy and flavour. In this appellation, Maison Guigal produces the prestigious red and white "Lieu-dit Saint-Joseph" wines and the red "Vignes de l'Hospice".

Hermitage AOC

  • Hermitage AOC

Named after a 13th century hermit who devoted himself to winegrowing and prayer as a means of repentance, this prestigious appellation dates back to antiquity. It produces excellent red wines from Syrah and exceptional white wines from Roussanne and Marsanne. Renowned for their strong aromatic persistence, these wines were appreciated by the Russian court. In the Hermitage appellation, Maison Guigal offers the white "Ex-Voto" cuvée, which has a beautiful aromatic complexity. This wine is only produced in exceptional vintages. This cuvée is available as a red wine as well, also produced exclusively in great vintages.

Crozes Hermitage AOC

  • Crozes Hermitage AOC

The Crozes Hermitage vineyard is anchored on stony, warm and filtering soils. Partly cultivated on slopes, this AOC is made up of Syrah for the red wines and Roussanne and Marsanne for the white wines. It produces wines that perfectly express the essence of this northern terroir: tasty and balanced red wines and dry, aromatic white wines with floral notes. Domaine Guigal offers both a red and a white Crozes Hermitage wine.

Châteauneuf-du-Pape AOC

  • Châteauneuf-du-Pape AOC

In the Châteauneuf-du-Pape appellation, the soil is covered with rolled limestone pebbles. Spread out under the sun of Provence and swept by the Mistral, this vineyard produces wines with southern accents. These wines are the result of the blending of the 13 grape varieties of the AOC with Grenache as the main variety. Domaine Guigal also works in the Châteauneuf-du-Pape vineyard where it produces the exceptional red and white "Saintes Pierres de Nalys" and the red and white "Château de Nalys".

Whether you are looking for Grands Crus with character, exceptional vintages or wines with remarkable ageing potential, you can find a large choice of wines from Maison Guigal on Vinatis.

Guigal vineyard


In the small ancient village of Ampuis, the cradle of the Côte Rôtie appellation, Domaine Guigal was founded by Étienne Guigal in 1946. This House is located on an exceptional vineyard where the vines are cultivated and where the wine has been produced for more than 2,000 years. Vinifying 67 harvests in this AOC, Etienne Guigal contributed to the development of the Vidal-Fleury Establishments early in his career. Despite Etienne Guigal's total blindness, the growth of the company, in which family is a primary value, continues with his son Marcel and his wife Bernadette. Trained as an enologist, their son Philippe, accompanied by his wife Eve, now represents the third generation of the Guigal family. Since the beginning of this adventure, the family has worked with passion, know-how and perseverance to produce great wines from the Rhône Valley. This has resulted in the acquisition of various estates in the greatest appellations of the Rhône Valley, including the famous Château d'Ampuis, Domaine de Vallouit and the former Domaine Jean-Louis Grippat, Domaine de Bonserine and Château de Nalys.


For the Guigal family, the objective is to produce exceptional wines with respect for nature and the land that nourishes them. The preservation of the vineyard being a central concern, the maintenance of the terraces and the work of the vines are carried out without any artifice. Indeed, the Domaine Guigal advocates a benevolent, responsible viticulture that listens to nature. A method that reflects the spirit of the men who practice it and which is expressed through the wines of the House!

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