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A legendary Grand Cru

Hermitage AOC

Hermitage (or Ermitage) is one of the most famous appellations of the Côtes du Rhône. The steep hillsides of these vineyards overlook the Rhône and benefit from maximum sunshine all year round. The maintenance of the terraces requires an enormous amount of work to renovate the low walls which are subject to gullying and landslides. In other words, everything here is done manually: the machines cannot climb the slopes. This exceptional terroir must not be confused with Crozes-Hermitage, an excellent neighbouring appellation located on the plains, a few hundred metres further south. Red wines are made from Syrah/Shiraz, with the possible addition of Roussanne and Marsanne in small quantities (15%). Concerning white wines, they are made from these two white grape varieties. Excellence bottled by great estates such as M. Chapoutier, E. Guigual, P. Jaboulet and more independents such as the Maison Les Alexandrins signed Nicolas Perrin.

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Shall we taste ?

Red wines : Made from Syrah/Shiraz that can be blended with the two other white grape varieties Roussanne and Marsanne, they are recognisable at first glance by their dark colour typical of the Côtes du Rhône region. Of great finesse, these red wines are powerful and opulent. A heady and bewitching bouquet, the aromas wrap the whole palate in a silky texture: violet, blackberry, cocoa and leather. A little wild in their youth, they gain in roundness and finesse after a few years in the cellar. Drink after a minimum of two years. 

White wines :The Roussanne and Marsanne grape varieties make a dry white wine and a straw wine, as excellent as the red one. Being dry, it is one of the best Côtes-du-Rhône white wine appellations: it is distinguished by its intense organoleptic quality and knows how to age with elegance. As for the ‘vin de paille’, quite simply delectable, it is matured for a year and a half in barrels and bears witness to the sloping exposure of the berries to the burning rays of the sun: a beautiful amplitude in the mouth.

Food and wine pairing 

Red wines : Keep them for the most succulent dishes on special occasions. Red meats in sauce. Grilled red meats. Small game. Spicy cuisine.

White wines :The dry Hermitage can be drunk up to 12 years old and from its youth as an accompaniment to gastronomic dishes: freshwater fish, shellfish, cooked shellfish: scallops. And with white meats: frogs' legs, poultry in cream sauce, game birds. Wild mushrooms. Straw wine is a pure delight, and can be tasted alone or on fruity desserts: tarte tatin, pear tart and yellow stone fruits (apricot, Mirabelle plums, peach, etc.).

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