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Taking over the family estate in 1978, Louis Chèze only owned one hectare of Saint-Joseph at the beginning of his career with a few rented vines. Today, the estate has become one of the most beautiful in the northern Rhône with its 30 hectares of carefully studied and wonderfully maintained vines. Situated on the right bank of the Rhône, the exceptional terroir of Seyssuel... Read more

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Louis Cheze : L'esprit et l'empreinte

ADVICE to RhOne wine lovers: Do not REFRAIN!

Emphasis on one of the most beautiful domains in the Northern Rhône, a land of exception for lovers of Condrieu, Saint-Joseph and Collines Rhodaniennes.

The terroir of Seyssuel

Vallée du Rhône - Le terroir de Seyssuel

Heading to the heart of the northern Rhône, 60km south of Lyon. On the borders of the right bank of the Rhône, the exceptional terroir of Seyssuel nestles. Already in ancient times, great Greek and Latin authors (from Pliny the Elder to Plutarch, not forgetting the poet Martial) praised the merits of this region, which they called "saxeolum optimum vinum": "Seyssuel, the little rock with the very good wine".

This is where the valley is the narrowest, as the steepness of the valley amplifies the wind, dries out the climate and the soil, and increases the temperature. In addition to the fact that these lands are home to a fauna and flora usually more present in the south, Syrah, a grape variety with character, is at home here. An exceptional land, therefore, for wines worthy of this nature.

High standards and ambition

A good wine would not exist without a good winemaker, and in this respect Louis Chèze can be proud of his production! Taking over the family property in 1978, he initially owned only one hectare of Saint-Joseph and a few rented vines. But perseverance and ambition clearly define our man who, although initially not wishing to exceed 10 hectares of vines, today owns 30 hectares for the two appellations Condrieu and Saint-Joseph and the Vin de Pays designation.

Passionate, he likes above all to rehabilitate these old, fallow hillsides to transform them into one of the most beautiful estates in the Northern Rhône. But with Louis Chèze, every plantation is carefully thought out and he is careful to preserve the balance between a very high planting density and a limited number of grapes per vine so that each vineyard gives the best of itself. Meticulous, he imposes manual harvesting, a selection of grapes at the picking and in the cellar on a sorting table, and an 18-month ageing period in new oak barrels. With Louis Chèze, each vintage is a constant challenge in order to obtain the quintessence of the terroirs that nature offers him.

Red wine appellations

Saint-Joseph – Côte-Rôtie – Collines Rhodaniennes – Les Vignobles de Seyssuel – Vin de France

White wine appellations

Condrieu – Saint-Joseph – Collines Rhodaniennes –Les Vignobles de Seyssuel – Vin de France

Terroir du Domaine Louis Chèze : Condrieu, Saint-Joseph, Vins de pays

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