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Savoie, or to some, Savoy, benefits from favorable conditions for vine cultivation and includes over 2000 hectares in vineyards. Reds wines from this region are recognizable for their light tannins, as well as spicy and fruity notes, whites meanwhile are dry, rich and aromatic, carefully elaborated to remain floral and balanced. The white wines of Savoy are delicious alongside fish, seafood or entrèes, its reds are perfect for game, and both are perfectly suited to the specialties of Savoie: Fondue or Tartiflette or Raclette, as well as Savoyard Cheese.


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Was featured during the 2018 Tour de France

Juillet 6-10 Loire | 16-19 Savoie | 22-25 Languedoc | 27-30 South-West