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The embodiment of aromatic power.

Sauvignon Blanc

Also known as Blanc Fumé, Fumé Blanc, the world-famous grape variety, Sauvignon Blanc gives wine a special, slightly herbaceous aroma. In France, it is a traditional grape variety of the Loire and Bordeaux regions. Outside of Franche is well known in New Zealand's Marlborough and Chile's Casablanca. Sauvignon likes soils that are poor or only moderately fertile. Vinified alone or in a blend with Sémillon, it offers not only very aromatic dry white wines, but also rich sweet white wines. Thus, in France, alone, it gives birth to the famous dry wines such as Pouilly Fumé, Sancerre, Ménetou Salon, Quincy and Reuilly, giving these Loire Valley wines an undeniable connection. It also spawned the no less famous Barsac, Monbazillac, and when again blended together with Sémillon and Muscadelle brings us Graves and the botrytised sweet wines of Château Yquem from Sauternes. Finally, in Languedoc, it is used as a dry varietal wine and shows a pronounced character. Dry white wines or sweet white wines, it proves to be generous with aromas of boxwood, blackcurrant buds (green fruits) and, depending on the terroir, white flowers, citrus fruits and very pronounced mineral notes of flint (Pouilly Fumé).

In France and all over the world


- Central Loire
- Bordeaux
- South West
- Languedoc ( IGP)


- New Zealand
- South Africa
- Chile
- Argentina
- Spain
- Austria
- Hungary
- Germany
- Switzerland
- California

By type of wine: Dry and sweet whites

Vins blanc sec

Bergerac / Bordeaux / Entre-Deux-Mers / Graves / Pouilly-Fumé / Sancerre / Ménetou-Salon / Quincy / Reuilly / Touraine / Marlborough / Casablanca

Barsac / Monbazillac / Sauternes

In the glass

vin blanc Sauvignon

dry white

Cool climate: Aromas of citrus fruits, white flowers (elderberry), green fruits (blackcurrant buds, redcurrant). Nuances of boxwood, mineral notes (flint). In the mouth, natural acidity. Very lively. Styles vary between wines to be drunk young and more structured, sometimes woody cuvées that age well.

Warm climate: In these latitudes, Sauvignon loses its freshness but gains in more opulent aromas and roundness. Aromas of exotic fruits, herbaceous notes. Close to the coast (Bordeaux), it has an oceanic iodine influence. Character sometimes a little heavy if one is accustomed to Sauvignons from temperate and humid zones. Depending on the winemaking process, the styles vary from light, tender and aromatic to more complex and round wines.

vin blanc sucre Sauvignon


Often used in blends with Sémillon and Muscadelle (Monbazillac, Sauternes). The botrytised grapes then deliver all their sweetness with plenty. Straw yellow colour with golden reflections, limpid robe. Freshness and liveliness. Sweet and syrupy (stronger in alcohol) they are smooth, racy and fragrant, developing languidly in the mouth. Sensual and distinguished, these wines have aromas of honey, apricot, dried citrus fruits, quince, exotic fruits and orange blossom. A real marvel!

Sauvignon Blanc with your meals

vin doux naturel, vin sucré Quel plat avec Sauvignon ?


The diversity of styles allows several combinations. Cool climate: Minerality assumed, these Sauvignons go well with seafood, terrines, river fish, dry charcuterie (smoked meat). Asian cuisine: sushi. Fusion cuisine. Affinities with tomatoes, coriander, basil.

Hot climate: roast poultry. Asian cuisine.


Sweet or syrupy white wines are the classic companions of foie gras. Sweet and sour or spicy dishes from Asian cuisine. Splendid matches with blue-veined cheeses (Bleu d'Auvergne, Roquefort, Fourme d'Ambert...). Desserts: Fruit tarts (tarte tatin).



Clearly, there is not just one style of Sauvignon, but several, influenced by the terroir, the climate, but also the winemaking process. A Sancerre with delicate boxwood scents is very different from another dry wine from the South-West that is more structured and heavier. The aromatic power of the Sauvignon and its freshness are however the theme of the different styles. Even though it is grown all over the world, Sauvignon from France is the most successful wine abroad and that's not about to stop.

Also known according to region: Sauvignon Blanc, Blanc Fumé (Nièvre), Fumé Blanc, Sauternes, Ahumat (Béarn), Fié (Poitou and Burgundy), Sauvignon Gris, Mune Mahatsa...

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please consume in moderation.

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