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Sancerre AOC

Situated on a hillock on the left bank of the river, Sancerre is one of the famous appellations of the great wines of the Loire. Implanted on slopes sculpted by the river, it is the perfect demonstration of the qualities of terroir and its influence on the grape varieties: Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. Releasing a multitude of aromatic nuances this coupling makes Sancerre an elegant and distinguished wine. The AOC produces dry white wine, red wine and rosé wine. The latter two are made from a single grape variety, Pinot Noir, while the white wines are made from Sauvignon Blanc. The appellation undeniably owes its reputation to its dry white wines now synonymous with this white grape variety. A pleasant and thirst-quenching white, with a bouquet and spiciness that expresses a very marked originality. It compensates for its acidity with a touch of sweetness and softness. The production of red Sancerre is fairly recent, but it is worth discovering.



Domaine de la Perriere
Domaine Henri Bourgeois
Domaine Fournier



In the glass

Red Loire


Firmer, requires opening out in the bottle. Fairly colourful, full-bodied, long in the mouth. Notes of morello cherry

Loire White

Dry Whites

Pale gold hue. Citrus notes: orange and grapefruit. Acacia. Herbaceous notes: Mint and ferns. Dominated by boxwood and blackcurrant. Spring flowers.

Loire rosé


The pale orange-coloured rosé (grey wine) is to be appreciated in its youth. Dominated by the peach aroma.

Which dishes or ingredients go well with these wines?

Loire Reds


Refined poultry: Capon, poulard and white meats such as rabbit, veal. Grilled red meats. Fresh cheeses, Chavignol crottin, Salers.

Loire White

Dry Whites

Fine dining. Appetizers: Raw and marinated platters, oysters, lobster, terrines of cold vegetables. Poultry: Roasted duck. Asian cuisine: Shrimp wok with mango, pad thai, sushi, sashimi. Grilled white fish. Local cheese: Crottin de Chavignol.

Loire rosé


Deli meats. Cold starters

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2 exceptional terroirs : Les Caillottes and Terres Blanches Sancerre are a historical appellation tightly packed around the remains of its feudal castle and perched on a hillock on the left bank of the Loire. The picturesque little town dominates the waters on hillsides sculpted by the river. The vineyard occupies the slopes on two types of land, one made up of marl, called "Terres Blanches", and the other of dry limestone called "Caillotes". The wines from Terres Blanches are slow to take on their character and bouquet, but they keep them well: fruity and supple, they have body. Those coming from the Caillotes are very fine and very aromatic from the year following the harvest.

Gastronomy : The commune of Chavignol is as famous for the abundance and excellence of its wines as it is for its goat cheeses, its famous "Crottins" form a perfect gastronomic match.

The Golden Triangle : The appellation is part of the Golden Triangle of the Cher that stretches around Bourges and is bounded from East to West by the vineyards of Sancerre, Reuilly and Quincy, and to the South by those of Ménetou-Salon. It should be noted that the three appellations only include the Sauvignon grape variety in white and the Pinot Noir grape variety in red. In all three of the above-mentioned areas, three-quarters of the production is devoted to white wine, with Sauvignon finding its ideal manifestation in this terroir; around 20% is red made from Pinot Noir, and the remaining almost 5% is dedicated to rosé wine. The latter is similar to sand wine and has a very pale colour; it is commonly called "un Gris" (a grey rosé wine or vin gris). For the reds, it is interesting to compare their taste to that of a Burgundy since they come from the same grape variety. Some winegrowers have given in to the desires of the English style and propose woody cask aged wines. Apart from some special grands crus made in oak barrels, those aged in stainless steel tanks are a better reflection of this very special terroir. Loire wines are to be drunk young, although some vintages withstand ageing and even improve with time.

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