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Christmas, birthdays, stag or hen dos... any occasion is a good one to treat your loved ones. Depending on your tastes and passions, you'll need to find the gift that's just right for them. If some of your loved ones are particularly fond of wine, you'll need to find THE gift that's sure to make an impact. Running out of ideas? Why not opt for a wine map scratchcard?

Our French wine map scratchcards

Our French wine map scratchcards

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French Wine Map Scratchcards: what is it?

Ever heard of the map of the world scratchcard? It's a great way to immortalise your travels and remember your escapades. The wine map scratchcard is based on the same concept. The only difference is that the areas to be scratched are not countries, but wine appellations, grape varieties, vintages and other wine-related information. The principle is simple! Each time you taste a cuvée, all you have to do is scratch off the corresponding appellation to mark your progress. It's a great way to remember the wines you've already tasted! This original, colourful map also shows which appellations have yet to be discovered.

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Why give the gift of a wine map scratchcard?

Decanters, wine glasses, corkscrews...there's no shortage of gift ideas for wine lovers. But for once, forget the old-fashioned gifts that lack a touch of originality. Whether you're looking for a gift to put under the Christmas tree, to celebrate a birthday or for any other occasion, make your mark by giving a wine map scratchcard. This accessory has nothing but advantages. It's up to you to help your loved ones discover them!

An original and fun gift idea to stand out from the crowd

Is the person you want to give a present to passionate about wine, curious and likes to be surprised? Then kill two birds with one stone by giving them a wine map scratchcard. It's as fun as it is original, and the perfect way to stand out from the crowd! And if you want to know everything there is to know about the geography of France's wines, why not treat yourself to one?

A beautiful poster to decorate the wall

With a scratch-off wine list, wine and decor go hand in hand! If you're looking for a gift for a wine and decor lover, stop looking straight away! You've come to the right place with a scratchcard dedicated to French vineyards. You won't want to miss out! A real eye-catcher, this poster will look great on any wall and add character to any interior. What's more, the appearance of the map changes as the user scratches the areas covered, changing colour as they go. Hanging on a wall in the living room or kitchen, or even on the doors of a wine cellar, this original and decorative wine scratchcard will look great in any room in the house.

Appellations, grape varieties, vintages, estates...a precise and detailed learning tool

With its colours changing according to the appellations or other information discovered, a scratchcard is definitely an interactive wall decoration, but it's much more than that. Whether it's a map of the vineyards of France or a map of the regions, these accessories offer very precise and detailed information. A real learning tool, this type of map allows you to locate the different wine appellations, find out about the different red and white grape varieties grown in the vineyards and a whole host of other information (vintages, famous estates, etc.). It's a great way to learn about wine in a light-hearted, fun way!

carte Ă  gratter du vin

Which wine map scratchcard should I choose?

Now you've got it! You've decided to give your loved one a wine map scratchcard, but you're not sure which one to choose? Whether you want to learn more about all the wine-growing regions in France and much more, or to get to know a particular area better, you're spoilt for choice.

A wine map of France to discover all the country's wine-growing regions

France and wine are a true love story! However, it's not always easy to remember the names of all the wine appellations or to know all the grape varieties used throughout the French vineyards. Bandol, Sancerre, Chablis... you've probably heard these names before, but can you locate them on a map? And yet, whether it's the climate or the grape variety used, these elements are essential to the production and development of a particular style of wine. To discover the wealth of wines in France and the appellations that are not always familiar, the French wine map scratchcard is a must. This learning tool is ideal for understanding French vineyards and developing your wine culture while having fun.

For each wine tasted, simply scratch off the corresponding appellation. As well as keeping track of the wines you've already tasted, you'll also get an overview of what's still to be discovered in the 200+ appellations on the map. As well as the French wine appellations, this scratchcard of France's vineyards provides other valuable information, such as the 48 main grape varieties and the last 30 vintages. A must-have to remember all your wine-tasting moments! And did you know that there's not just one type of corkscrew, but several? This scratchcard will allow you to discover ten of them, as well as the different sizes of wine bottle.

A Bordeaux wine map

The Bordeaux region is certainly one of the best known in the French wine world. As well as its maritime coastline and delicious cannelés, this French region is best known for its exceptional vineyards. Saint-Émilion, Pomerol and Sauternes are all familiar names, but do you know all the wine appellations in this region? With the Bordeaux wine map, the recipient of your gift will have the opportunity to learn more about the region. As they taste the wines, they'll discover 37 Bordeaux wine appellations, the main grape varieties and types of wine, as well as a dozen of the legendary châteaux for which the region is famous.

A Bourgogne wine map

Givry, Vosne-Romanée, Burgundy has many gems worth discovering. With the Burgundy wine map scratchcard, give your wine-loving loved one the chance to learn more about the winegrowing treasures of this magnificent region while having fun at the same time. They'll also discover legendary Burgundy estates such as Domaine des Lambrays, Domaine Ferret and Domaine Raveneau. As the tastings go on, the recipient of the gift will be able to impress family and friends with a 100% Burgundy culture.

A RhĂ´ne wine map

Côtes-Rôtie, Condrieu, Tavel and Châteauneuf-du-Pape are all familiar names. However, the magnificent Rhône region doesn't stop at these appellations, and is home to other exceptional vineyards. If you want to treat a loved one who particularly appreciates Rhône Valley wines, a gift of a Rhône vineyard scratchcard is an excellent idea. In addition to some thirty wine appellations, this map, which serves as both a learning tool and a decorative object, also provides information on the major producers, the main grape varieties used and the types of wine produced in the heart of the region. It's an interactive and entertaining way to discover the winegrowing treasures of the Rhône Valley!

A Loire wine map

The Loire Valley is renowned for its enchanting landscapes, magnificent châteaux and, of course, its exceptional vineyards. From Chinon and Sancerre to Vouvray, the region boasts a host of appellations that guarantee a wide range of tasting experiences. And if you're a fan of Loire wines, a scratchcard of the region's vineyards is an excellent way to delve into the heart of its wine-growing treasures (appellations, châteaux and legendary estates, grape varieties, etc.) in an entertaining and interactive way.

A Languedoc wine map

With its remarkable wine-growing heritage, the Languedoc region has nothing to envy of other French wine-growing regions. The richness of its terroirs and the diversity of its appellations guarantee unique tasting experiences every time. If you want to delight your wine-loving loved one, give them the chance to discover the South of France and its winegrowing wonders. With a scratchcard dedicated to the appellations, legendary estates and grape varieties of the Languedoc, they'll be able to make discoveries that are both fun and rewarding.

Whether your loved one is a Bordeaux, RhĂ´ne, Loire, Languedoc or Burgundy wine lover, all you have to do is find the scratchcard of French vineyards that will make them happy. And to find the perfect gift, make Vinatis your privileged partner!

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