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PINOT gris / pinot GRIGIO

A demanding low yielding noble grape variety

Pinot Gris / Pinot Grigio

Known as Pinot Grigio in Italy, Malvoisie in Switzerland, Grauburgunder and Ruländer in Germany

A close cousin of Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris is a white grape variety with grey-pink berries that is widely planted in north-eastern Italy. It grows in temperate zones and extends to Central Europe and the rest of the world. In Alsace, it is a clear success to date having achieved the greatest increase in vine surface area since 1980. Formerly it was called Tokay d'Alsace, the regulatory system ruled to replace the name by that of Pinot Gris to avoid confusion with wines from Hungarian Tokaj. Pinot Gris is not very fertile, which leads it to be highly valued for its subtle and racy wines. It gives dry or sweet white wines (Alsace Vendange Tardive and Sélection de Grains Nobles). The skins of Pinot Gris grapes are darker than white grapes but ligher than black grapes and they can impart a very subtle color to the rare rosé wines made of this variety.

In France and all over the world


Alsace, Loire Valley (rarer)

By type of wine: White and sweet

Vins blanc pinot grigio

Alsace Pinot Gris, Alsace Grand Cru, Alto-Adige, Trentino

Vins blancs sucre pinot grigio

Alsace Sélection de Grains Nobles, Alsace Vendange Tardive

Vins rosés pinot grigio

Reuilly, Châteaumeillant

In the galss

Vins blanc pinot grigio


Pale yellow in colour, taking on a golden hue when the grain is fully ripe. Low acidity, it is the roundness which prevails. Aromas of white, yellow (apricot), dry and exotic fruits (mango), floral and spicy notes (cinnamon, cumin) that are consolidated on the palate. Depending on the terroir, varies between a light and fruity wine (Italy) and a complex wine (Alsace).

Vins blancs sucre pinot grigio


Vendanges Tardives and Alsace Sélection de Grains Nobles: Great delicacy. A typical golden yellow colour, reflecting the over-ripeness of the grapes. Powerful wine with a nose that hints at the flavors of ripe fruit (apricot, quince, baked apple), sweet spices (cinnamon), honey and sometimes undergrowth (wild mushroom) or animal (musk). Ample wine with a lot of body, heady. Not very acidic, it is appreciated for its voluptuousness and generosity.


Rare, "vin gris (grey)" or "gris de gris", produced in the Central Loire. Vinified like white wine by direct pressing without maceration of the skins. Colour varies from orange to pale pink. Nose dominated by citrus fruits (tangerine), peach, apricot. Round on the palate.

Pinot Gris with your meals

Vins blanc pinot grigio


Aperitif, tapas, seafood (crab rillettes, prawns), poultry liver terrine, pâté...

Vins blancs sucre pinot grigio


Aperitif, foie gras, poultry, sweet and sour dishes such as Asian cuisine. Desserts: Crème brûlée, fruit tarts.


Ideal for accompanying barbecued fish. Charcuterie, vegetable and fish terrine.



The appearance of Pinot Grigio strongly resembles its cousin Pinot Noir, except for the colour of the skin of the grapes at maturity, which is a characteristic greyish pink. Pinot Grigio makes it possible to offer wines of great finesse, while retaining its power. They are often racy and very aromatic wines. They can offer wines with a high degree of sweetness while maintaining an average acidity (freshness), to the delight of lovers of sweet or syrupy wines. Dry or sweet these wines have a legendary smoothness that is visible to the eye by the drops of wine, called "legs", that slowly run down the sides of the glass.

Also known regionally as: Pinot Grigio, Tokay in Alsace, Pinot Beurot in Burgundy and Pays Nantais, Malvoisie in Savoy and the Loire Valley, Auvergne near Orleans, Ruländer in Germany, Fromenteau or Fromentot, Enfumé, Grauer Klevner

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