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Alsace Pinot Gris AOC

In Alsace, Pinot Gris has seen success after success growing in planted surface area more than any other variety since the 80s. Formerly AOC Tokay d'Alsace, it was wrongly named because it was reminiscent of the Hungarian wine Tokay Pinot Gris. The ruling regulatory body decided to replace the old AOC by that of Alsace Pinot Gris, as in this region, it is the grape varieties that give name to the appellations. Pinot Gris is not very productive, which results in high demand for its subtle and racy wines. It produces dry or sweet white wines, as well as more rarely rosé wines.

Carte de l'appellation Alsace

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Shall We Taste ?

AOC Pinot Gris - Sweet Wines

Sweet Whites

( Vendanges Tardives AOC and Alsace Sélection Grains Nobles): Great delicacy. A typical golden yellow colour indicating over-ripeness. Powerful wine with a nose that reveals the flavours of ripe fruit (apricot, quince, baked apple), sweet spices (cinnamon), honey and sometimes undergrowth (wild mushroom) or animal scents (musk). A full-bodied, heady wine with a lot of body. Not very acidic, it is appreciated for its voluptuousness and generosity.

AOC Pinot Gris - Dry Whites

Dry Whites

 Pale yellow in colour, taking on a golden hue when fully ripe. Low acidity, it is the roundness which prevails. Aromas of white, yellow (apricot), dry and exotic fruits (mango), floral and spicy notes (cinnamon, cumin) that are sustained on the palate. Depending on the terroir, varies between a supple wine (Italy) and a complex wine (Alsace).

Food & Wine Pairings
Which dishes or ingredients go well with these wines?

AOC Pinot Gris - Sweet Wines

Sweet Whites

Aperitif, foie gras, poultry, sweet and sour dishes such as Asian cuisine. Desserts: Crème brûlée, white or yellow fruit tarts, spiced bread.

White Wine

Dry Whites

Aperitif, tapas, seafood (crab rillettes, prawns), chicken liver terrine, pâté...

The appellation is wrongly called Alsace Tokay Pinot Gris for its resemblance to the Hungarian wine. However, in compliance with the AOC guidelines, the name was replaced by Alsace Pinot Gris. The AOC owes its name to the Pinot Gris grape variety, also called Pinot Grigio (Italy), Malvoisie (Savoy and Loire Valley), Ruländer (Switzerland and Loire Valley). A close cousin of Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, more common under the name "Pinot Grigio", is a white grape variety with grey-pink berries.

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