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 Sparkling wines are produced throughout Italy. This country offers an interesting choice of wines among the bubbles at low prices. Below is some information on some of the most important Italian sparkling wines.


The term Lambrusco indicates a series of black grapes and the wine produced with them. Lambrusco grapes are mainly cultivated in the broad Emilia plain and in the southern part of Lombardy, between the Po (the longest river in Italy) and the city of Modena.

There are several types of Lambrusco wine, with different degrees of sweetness, and different types of effervescence. Lambrusco is either frizzante or spumante (and, in these cases) can be dry (secco), or sweet (semi-secco). Both the frizzante and spumante version can also be rose. They are meant to be drunk young.

Production method: they are mostly produced using the Charmat method, while few are produced with the traditional method.

Colour: they often come in red colour but, seldom in rose.

Nose: it has aromas of cherries, watermelon, blackberry raspberries, and notes of violet.

Palate: It is soft, fruity, fresh, sweet, smooth and lively on the palate. It has medium to full body, tannin, acidity, and alcohol.

Food pairings: goes well with pork, sausages, barbeques, lamb, pizza. Also used in cooking risotto and pasta.


Prosecco is one of the Italian effervescent that is light, frothy and inexpensive. Prosecco is a white wine with a Denomination of Controlled Origin produced in Veneto and the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of Italy.

There are basically three types of Prosecco: The Prosecco in its natural form, also called tranquil, with a minimum natural alcoholic strength by volume of 10.50% vol. Prosecco spumante (sparkling), with a minimum alcohol content of 11.00% vol. Then the Semi-sparkling Prosecco frizzante, with a minimum of 9% vol.

Production method: it is produced using the Charmat method.

Colour: In all cases, it is a wine with a straw yellow colour.

Nose: it has a fine and a fresh sweet aroma, you will detect hints of apple, apricot, and pear.

Palate: the sparkling varies in sweetness from brut, extra-dry to dry, while the others are only dry.

Food pairings: recommended with fish or shellfish dishes, seafood soups, rice dishes, spicy foods, cured meats, and fruit appetizers such as melon wrapped in ham.


Moscato d’Asti is a white wine produced from the Moscato grape variety in the province of Asti (Piedmont wine region in northern Italy). This wine is distinguished by its low alcohol content generally around 5.5%, and attractive for its exuberant fruitiness. Thanks to its light sweetness and fruity expression, Moscato d'Asti are delicious wines, close to fresh fruit juice, slightly pearly, and easy to access, to be drunk young.

Production method: Moscato d'Asti is produced by partial fermentation in a closed tank.

Appearance: Light straw-yellow colour

Aroma: it delivers intense and very fruity aromas, sometimes floral, close to fresh muscatel grapes, orange blossom, white or yellow fruits.

On the Palate: Very fragrant and delicately flavoured. Sweet, lively, soft and supple, not very acidic and very light in alcohol (around 5% vol.).

Food pairings: Aperitif, low-sugar fruit-based desserts, cream desserts, fruit mousse and soup, pie, fresh fruit. They also pair well with spicy Asian meals, soft cheeses.

Why these Italian Sparkling Wines should always be on your wine rack?

  • Prosecco, Lambrusco and Moscato d’Asti reveal everything about the Italian character; they are colourful, sociable, approachable and lively.
  • They are pocket-friendly; if you are budget-conscious and you desire bubbles at the same time, try these bottles.
  • Generally, Lambrusco and Moscato d’Asti are food-friendly wines, they are an amazing all-rounder.
  • According to some information gathered from the Telegraph on the 29th of August 2017 about health and fitness. Prosecco surprisingly happened to have some health benefits as claimed by the article in question, which are namely; memory improvement,  reduction of blood pressure, good for weight loss as it contains fewer calories, prevents skin ageing, and of course, boosts sex life e.t.c.
  • Prosecco, Lambrusco and Moscato d’Asti contain less alcohol which make it less likely to get a headache after drinking them.
  • Lambrusco is known to prevent blood clots due to the presence of polyphenols which guard the heart.
  • If you are looking for a wine with exuberant grapey tastes then shop for Moscato d’Asti.

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