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Condrieu AOC

"One of the greatest white wines of France" - Curnonsky, French gourmet
The AOC Condrieu contains only dry still white wines and to a lesser extent sweet white wines. It is the Viognier grape variety, the only grape variety authorised in the AOC, which expresses itself through wines rich in alcohol and aromatic power. Viognier is an indigenous grape variety, which is said to have originated in the village of Condrieu. Although it is mainly known as a dry white wine, it is as a sweet wine that Condrieu was first appreciated in the 16th century by the Popes of Avignon and the Lyon Chapter. Originally, the harvest was late, around All Saints' Day, and it was not until the dawn of the 20th century that dry wines appeared. Today, it is rather rare to come across a sweet Condrieu, since its production is limited to 2000 bottles per year. To better discover this appellation, savour the vintages from the estates of Stephane Ogier, M. Chapoutier, Sthephan Montez du Monteillet or the Vins de Vienne, the house headed by the three winemakers Yves Cuilleron, Pierre Gaillard and François Villard.

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vin blanc sec Condrieu


Magnificent expression of Viognier!

Colour: Straw yellow to a golden yellow, sublimated with brilliant green and golden reflections. Thick, showing a relatively high alcohol content.

Nose : Aromatic power thanks to the Viognier grape variety. In its youth the Condrieu explodes with perfumes dominated by fresh fruit reminiscent of apricot and peach. A floral touch, notably violet, enhances the bewitching bouquet of the nectar. On vintages with high maturity, honeyed, roasted and mineral notes are the most obvious. As the wine ages, the aromas of fresh fruit will give way to dried fruit scents.

Ageing potential : 1 to 5 years


Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please consume in moderation.

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