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Also known as Vionnier, Little Vionnier.

Its origins go back a long way: the discovery of Phoenician amphoras dating from the 6th century BC, testifies to its vinification even in the ancient world. Nowadays, after almost having vanished due to its low yields, Viognier is once again on the rise (established in Languedoc Roussillon, Provence and the South-West) and is even gaining popularity in the vineyards of the New World, where it has become fashionable. Often vinified alone, Viognier remains emblematic of one of the famous northern RhĂ´ne appellations, Condrieu. In the past, it produced dry or sweet wines depending on the vintage. Today, these white wines are dry, with a lovely aromatic bouquet. Lovers of dry white wines admire it for its exuberant aromas of white flowers, apricot, orange blossom and honey.

In France and all over the world


- RhĂ´ne Valley
- Languedoc-Roussillon
- Provence
- South-West

By type of wine: White

vin blanc sec Viognier

- Condrieu
- Château Grillet
- CĂ´tes du RhĂ´ne

In the glass

vin blanc Viognier

dry white

To be consumed at its freshest (between 2 and 5 years). Sometimes lacks acidity (South of France), which influences the late date of harvest. Straw-yellow colour indicating a high alcohol content. On the nose: Intense aromas of white flowers, violet, apricot, citrus fruit, peach, honey and spices. On the palate: Rich with lingering aromas often supported by a hint of bitterness, giving a firm structure on the palate. Sensitive to oxidation, this wine cannot be kept after opening.

Viognier with your meals

vin blanc Viognier


Crustaceans (lobster, crayfish), seafood (scallops), foie gras, fine fish (cod, fillet of féra, red mullet...). Poultry or fish in curry sauce. Sweet and sour Asian cuisine.



Condrieu AOC meandering along the Rhone River

Condrieu AOC only vinifies a high class white wine made from Viognier as a single grape variety. Rather dry, leaving a sensation of smoothness and roundness, Condrieu reveals two faces over time: young or with several years of age, fruity or full-bodied, these qualities make it a hit. However, for the greatest vintages, it is best not to wait too long to take advantage of the astonishing aromatic finesse of this wine.

Under the appellation Château Grillet, or vinified on its own in white Côtes du Rhône and even in Vin de France for the most daring winegrowers, it now extends to the entire southern Rhône Valley and even beyond.

In CĂ´te RĂ´tie Grand Cru, it may be used surprisingly blended with Shiraz (up to 20%).

Also called Vionnier, Petit Vionnier, Bergeron, Barbin, Rebolot, Greffou, Picotin Blanc, Viogne, Galopine, Vugava Bijela....

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please consume in moderation.

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