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Bandol Appellation Rosé Wines

Between land and sea, in a natural amphitheatre, the vineyards are laid out in terraces, giving rise to gourmet rosé wines designed to match the finest dishes.

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where is it?

Set against a vast amphitheatre of hills, the Bandol appellation area extends over eight communes on the outskirts of Toulon:

  • Bandol
  • Le Beausset
  • La Cadière-d’Azur
  • Le Castellet
  • Evenos
  • Ollioules
  • Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer
  • Sanary

In this geographical context, the combination of a warm climate with a maritime influence and a skeletal soil with a limestone influence has given Mourvèdre, a demanding local grape variety, its ecological niche.

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Which grape varieties?

The appellation produces red wines, numerous rosé wines and some rare white wines.

Red grape varieties of the appellation:

White grape varieties of the appellation:

Bandol is the home of Mourvèdre. This grape variety, which is vinified on its own or frequently in association with Grenache Noir, Cinsaut, Syrah and Carignan, produces red wines and delicious rosé wines with a strong personality. These are wines for ageing. The rosé wines, produced by direct pressing, are characterised by their beautiful, intense colour, typical of Mourvèdre. This powerful yet extremely delicate grape variety needs warmth and sunshine to best express its terroir. It even likes dry, stony soils. It has to be said that it is very expressive when it comes to transcribing the particularities of a given soil and climate, especially in this region where the winds are from the sea.

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Shall we taste?

Appearance: The rosé wines generally have a deep rose or salmon colour.

Nose: The aromatic expression is organised around red fruit or the characteristic peach-apricot combination with, depending on the terroir, hints of pineapple, fennel or mint.

Palate: Light and fresh on the palate, they can acquire more structure and longevity thanks to the presence of Mourvèdre. Slightly iodised.

Serving temperature: 8-10 °C.

Ageing potential: 1 to 3 years.

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bandol appellation prestige

Bandol rosé, a rising appellation counting on Mourvèdre

Bandol AOC wines are typical of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. Of the three wine colours, rosé occupies an increasingly important place in terms of volume and quality, alongside the powerful, full-bodied red Bandols that have made the appellation famous for their ageing potential. This structure and ageing potential is due to a local grape variety that gives the wine all its power: Mourvèdre. Mourvèdre is one of the oldest grape varieties grown in Provence, with its bluish grapes and melting, juicy pulp under a thick skin. While it gives red wines a velvety appearance, a deep colour, bouquet aromas, plenty of body and a harshness that is corrected by blending with Grenache and Cinsaut, it gives rosé wines a beautiful structure and a longer life. These rosé wines are full of personality, making them one of the finest wines for ageing and gastronomy. It's thanks to Mourvèdre that the winemakers shape the identity of the appellation's wines.

These gastronomic and pleasurable wines are designed for the most refined of pairings, which is why they are served on the finest tables of Michelin-starred chefs. Prestigious wines with exceptional flavours, their complexity allows a wide range of food and wine combinations to vary the pleasures.

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