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Aperitif ideas

Need some ideas for an aperitif? Your friends are arriving and it's time for an aperitif... It's better to have a few easy-to-drink bottles on hand! At the end of this blog you will find examples of some delicious wines for aperitif without breaking the bank. The aperitif remains a moment of conviviality. There are a few things to bear in mind while choosing the wines. And for nibbling? We give you some ideas for snacks to make do with what you’ll find in your fridge or cupboards!

qu'est-ce qu'on boit à l'apéro

Rosé wine, fresh white wine or sparkling wine, the trick is to find the little gem that goes well with the appetizers. Aperitif is the introduction to the meal, the opportunity to prepare the taste buds before getting to the table. But be aware that there is an order to respect when opening your bottles: sparkling wines, white wines, rosé wines, red wines and sweet wines.

Sparkling wine : If you want to treat yourself with bubbles, do so with brut or extra-brut Champagne, unless you opt for the delicacy of Italian wines: Prosecco, Moscato or Lambrusco.

White wine with cheese such as brie, gouda or cheddar ... hmm! What could be better than the wonderful floral aromas of a Chignin Bergerin. The minerality of a white wine such as Chablis, Graves or Touraine is also perfect for the aperitif. These are crispy, expressive wines to gently awaken your taste buds.

Rosé wine is a popular choise for aperitif because it is light and fresh. It is particularly suitable for accompanying crisps, olives and tapenade. Forget full-bodied rosés such as those from Languedoc and prefer a livelier and fruitier ones from Anjou or Côte de Provence... wines that are easier to drink.

What about red wine? Choose a light, fresh and fruity wine to go with soft cheeses and spicy or greasy tapas such as antipasti. Forget full-bodied wines that could compromise the meal before it begins. The purpose of the aperitif is to prepare the taste buds, not to overwhelm them. You can choose between a Beaujolais, a wine from the Loire Valley and the grape varieties of Burgundy: Pinot Noir or Gamay.

And why not go for a sweet wine? On condition that it is not too sweet and remember to serve it well chilled! Muscat du Rivesaltes will delight with its elegance and go well with all sorts of dishes: foie gras, blue cheeses... it's a must!

These are wines that invite you to get together and make your mouths water... remember that this serving order allows you to respect the evolution of flavours from the beginning of the meal to allow you to build up your taste buds as you go along. But the important thing now is to have these bottles on hand!

Des idées pour grignoter : roulade de jambon au fromage frais

Aperitif ideas for nibbling

You are relaxed on your sofa, it's Sunday and you have decided to take the time to do precisely nothing... It’s noon and the doorbell rings! Ohh it's crazy, we haven't seen each other for a while... You're so happy then!

You have half an hour to make a small aperitif when you have no plans and no time to go to the grocery shop.

To keep things simple, because you don't have all the ingredients in your cupboards or your fridge... we're going to give you some tips and tricks to improvise the aperitif!

The first thing to do is to open the fridge and cupboards and have a look what you have:

- A tomato ? perfect, if you have bread, toast it, pour a little olive oil and rub the tomato cut in the middle with a little garlic... you will love these tapas!

- A can of tuna? great, do the same, if the tuna is not crumbled, it is even better!

- Cheddar cheese? One of your guests has brought some sausage... with wooden sticks like toothpicks, make some skewers!

- Vegetables ? Think of the skewers too! There's nothing crunchier than alternating cucumber, cherry tomatoes with peppers of different colours.

- Ham and cream cheese? Make them into rolls! Simply spread the cheese on the slice of ham, roll it up, then cut it into slices... not only is it good, it's also very aesthetic and will impress your guests.