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Domaine Lafage & Château Saint-Roch By Jean-Marc Lafage

★★★ Guide Bettane et Desseauve - NOTATION DOMAINE 2024
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The Domaine Lafage has been a family estate since 1798 and characterises itself with 3 distinct and emblematic terroirs that best reflect Roussillon's soil diversity which the most renowned names from the area acknowledge and recommend. Jean-Marc Lafage has been the most awarded French independent vintner in the last 10 years at the prestigious Concours General Agricole de... Read more

the expression of one of the most deeply rooted styles

Having become the flagship estate of Roussillon, the name Lafage gives its cuvees the most authentic signature of the diversity of the Roussillon terroirs.

Domaine Lafage

Where passion takes root

Jean-Marc Lafage, the son of winegrowers in the Roussillon region of France, saw the seasons punctuated by the work of the vines from a very young age. A hard manual labour, the steep hills of Maury did not make cultivation easy!

It was in this region, however, that he began vinifying alone, before travelling the world, thus continuing the tradition of this family, where generations of winegrowers have been following one another since 1798.

Although the vines in the plot have now disappeared, Jean-Marc has promised to replant it. In the hope of making his children Lea and Nicolas want to become winegrowers, but above all because this travelling winegrower knows so well what "putting down roots" means. A legitimacy that predestines him to reconnect with his own roots:

 After his beginnings in his native land, Jean-Marc continued his professional life all over the world.

From country to continent, it is always on the ground that he cultivates a wide range of grape varieties. Riesling and Syrah on the Clare Valley terroir in Australia. Carmenere, Cabernet-Sauvignon, or Petit Verdot on the terroir of Apalta in Chile. Grenache on the terroir of Catalayud in Spain. From vineyards to appellations, he has acquired a solid experience in targeting the most successful cuvees each time.

But it is on his native land, in the Vignon region, that he decided to live his passion with his wife Éliane, both oenologists. For the love of Roussillon! Jean-Marc, in the vineyard, Éliane in the cellar, they know how to interpret with talent the terroirs of Roussillon.

Jean-Marc et Eliane Lafage

3 terroirs, a unique style 

The Roussillon is first and foremost a mosaic of terroirs, a formidable field of expression for the Lafage couple who create from the grape varieties best adapted to the specificities of the soils and climates.

They assert their style on 3 distincts terroirs : The Terroir de l'Agly, Terroir Perpignan-Méditerrannée and Terroir des Aspres. Each terroir represents the diversity of the soils of the Roussillon:

The Agly terroir, the northernmost, represents the authenticity of the Cathar lands. Going up the river of the Agly valley, the vineyard takes height on steep hills. Swept by the strong north winds, Muscat, Grenache Noir and Carignan are rooted on black marls and flaky schists. Here, the couple expresses the opulence and authenticity of traditional grape varieties.

The Perpignan-Méditerranée terroir on the seafront where Grenache Blanc, Grenache Gris and Chardonnay grow in terraces on rolled pebbles ... Here, it is the freshness of the seaside that is sought after by the capricious sea breezes.

The Aspres terroir, the most docile at 400 metres above sea level, where the vines, swept heavily by the Tramontane, follow the sinuous curves of the Pyrenean bas-reliefs without sagging... Here, all the elegance of the Vignon tradition is at work.

A very vast vineyard where the vintages diversify. But in spite of the number, the couple's ambition is to aim for a homogeneous quality throughout its production.

And it is with talent that they take up the challenge! Red, white or rosé wine, they are putting their signature on their wines, knowing how to interpret with brilliance these very particular terroirs of Roussillon: a superb success that has earned them the attention of the specialist press!

The estate undeniably plays the role of ambassador for Roussillon wines!

Domaine Lafage, Un domaine remarqué par la presse

An area noticed by the press  

A distinguished style that knows how to stand out: Very often cited in the Guide Hachette since 2009 but also awarded (Bacchus, Gold Medal at the prestigious Concours Général Agricole in Paris), the estate has been able to cultivate a style of its own among its many vintages.

Awards that reward the team's efforts... And how much progress has been made since the couple took over the family estate in 1995: replanting, acquisitions, renovations...


In fact Jean-Marc is the most awarded independent winemaker in France over the last 10 years! No less than fifty medals since 2004!

The couple earns the valorisation of their vintages by the praises of professionals, such as Vinatis! A partnership that is not about to end!

One can only be seduced by the range of exceptional wines resulting from rigorous selection and a permanent search for quality.

Robert Parker succumbed... Why not you?

Source: Site officiel Domaine Lafage

Photo Credit: H. Leclair.

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