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Domaine Gayda

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Today, Domaine Gayda has a striking reputation. The strong desire to bring together innovation and tradition have allowed the domaine to offer an array of outstanding vintages of high quality. The domaine works with respect to the environment, aiming to protect the natural setting of the multifaceted Langedoc terroirs and produce quality wines that meet their customers'... Read more

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In the heart of Languedoc, in the village of Brugairolles, Domaine Gayda is the result of the collaboration of Tim Ford and Anthony Record with winemaker Vincent Chansault. Built in 1749, it was once a post house for travellers and their horses. Over time, the farm buildings have been converted into luxury accommodation. In addition, this wine estate located southwest of Carcassonne has been enriched with vineyards.

In 2004, the current owners of Domaine Gayda built a winery on the property. A few years later, the property became home to a gourmet restaurant. The team, whose philosophy is "Quality through integrity", is guided by a constant search for excellence. This enables them to produce quality wines that are honest and reflect the passion of the owners.

The estate's exceptional wines are also the result of a perfect balance between traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation. On the one hand, the trio of Ford, Record and Chansault remain very attached to the authenticity of the terroirs and to Languedoc traditions. Indeed, the traditional Languedoc grape varieties such as Viognier, Chardonnay, Chenin, Grenache, Cabernet Franc or Syrah are favoured. On the other hand, the owners are constantly improving their cellar with the use of state of the art facilities.


Domaine Gayda is made up of four vineyards stretching across the Languedoc and Roussillon regions, allowing it to benefit from unique terroirs. Within this vineyard, the owners favour parcel selections with a great diversity of soils, guaranteeing the singularity of each cuvée.

  • Domaine Gayda: culminating at an altitude of approximately 200 metres, this terroir is mainly made up of limestone sandstone. The grape varieties are Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Sauvignon, Chenin and Viognier.
  • La Livinière: perched at an altitude of 200 to 260 metres, this terroir is composed of limestone soils. The vineyard is planted with Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Cinsault and Carignan.
  • Col de la Dona: situated at an altitude of approximately 160 metres, the terroir of the Col de la Dona is made up of schist soil. South facing, this vineyard is dedicated to the cultivation of Syrah and Grenache.
  • Latour de France: located at an altitude of about 280 metres, this vineyard, which faces south-west, is composed of gneiss soil. The grape varieties are Syrah, Carignan and Grenache.


To produce a quality wine, Domaine Gayda relies on environmentally friendly viticulture. In fact, this wine estate has been certified in organic farming since 2011. Thus, the teams are committed to promoting biodiversity and polyculture. Green manure and melliferous plants are grown on the plots surrounding the vines. In order to find a balance with nature, they are treated naturally, without chemical fertilisers or weedkillers. Instead, the teams use natural cattle compost to enrich the soil, which is poor in microbial life and organic matter.

To naturally combat erosion and promote deep water penetration, various plants are grown between the rows of vines, thus improving the soil structure. In addition, yields are controlled naturally at Domaine Gayda.

As for the harvest, it is carried out manually. The grapes are placed in crates. For grapes picked from plots that are too far from the winery, they are transported using a refrigerated lorry. Once they arrive at the winery, the grapes are also sorted by hand before moving on to the next stages of production.


Thanks to the diversity of the estate's terroirs, Domaine Gayda offers quality wines with a unique style. The harvests of each terroir are vinified and aged separately before being blended, creating the singularity of the wines.

This vineyard has several ranges of cuvées in Pays d'Oc IGP, including red wines, white wines and rosé wines:

  • Chemin de Moscou
  • Altre Cami
  • Sélection
  • Figure Libre
  • Figure Libre Freestyle
  • En Passant
  • Collection
  • Flying Solo
  • T’Air d’Oc
  • La Minuette

The estate also offers the cuvée Villa Mon Rêve produced in the Minervois-la-Livinière AOC.

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