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★★★★ Guide Bettane et Desseauve - NOTATION DOMAINE 2024 ★★★ Guide des Meilleurs Vins de France - Notation DOMAINE 2024
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Domaine Gauby is all about questioning in the pursuit of perfection for wines that are unquestionably balanced both from a flavour and environmental perspective. The new generation has proudly taken up the baton in the race to bring this domaine's wines to the top level, revealing the essence of this varied terroir in Calce, to make it an unmissable reference wine for the... Read more

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Le domaine Gauby

THE Pétrus OF Languedoc!

The Domaine Gauby is a pursuit for perfection, for wines with an irreproachable balance, both in terms of taste and the environment. The new generation has taken over and brought the wines of the estate to their highest level of excellence, revealing the quintessence of the varied terroir of Calce as an essential reference in the Languedoc.

Vignoble du Languedoc

A bouquet garni from the nature

Although only twenty kilometres from Perpignan, the Gauby family estate is lost in a preserved and still very wild nature.

Here, the valleys are arid and steep, the vines mingle with oak forests and garrigues whose sea breezes continually diffuse the scents of thyme and rosemary.

In this exceptional terroir of Calce, everything comes together: the southern sun heats the vines abundantly and the varied soils with vertical strata allow the roots to plunge deep into the soil. The geographical conditions are ideally suited to making superb wines for ageing!

« We are and will remain farmers »

These words of the Gauby family bring us back to the primary definition of farming: living for the land, from the land and with the land. For the son Lionel nature is more a source of inspiration than a constraint to be selected with chemical and synthetic products.

He also pampers his vines with home-made preparations, using more than twenty plants, essential oils and compost. And it tastes great!

His taut, crispy reds and whites are enchanting in their freshness and have won him many admirers!

There is no doubt that Domaine Gauby produces one of the best wines in the Languedoc. An essential reference for your cellar!

Vigneron Domaine de Gauby

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