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Château de Berne

★★ Guide Bettane et Desseauve - NOTATION DOMAINE 2024

In the Haut-Var, halfway between Lorgues and Flayosc, the Château de Berne, both a 5-star hotel and a wine estate, invites you on a journey to the heart of Provence . Producing exceptional organic wines , this estate, which is part of the Vignerons Indépendants union, has about 175 hectares of vines, in the heart of nearly 1,000 hectares of nature. Certified in Organic... Read more

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Located at the crossroads of the Via Aurelia, linking Italy and Spain, Château de Berne stands on a site where wine was already being produced in Roman times, in the hinterland of Provence. Built during the 18th century, it produces exceptional Provence Alpes Côtes d'Azur wines, in particular rosé wines of remarkable delicacy. Benefiting from a terroir of great geological diversity, the château's vineyard produces Côtes de Provence AOC and Méditerranée IGP wines.

Although it produces white and red wines, this estate is best known for its Château de Berne rosé wines, which account for more than 70% of production. For the elaboration of the blends of its various cuvées, it relies on a wide variety of grape varieties: Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, Sémillon, Mourvèdre, Ugni Blanc, Rolle, Viognier, Carignan and Cabernet Sauvignon.


Château de Berne offers wines of character that express the essence of the Provencal terroir. Among them, the Terres de Berne is a Côtes de Provence rosé wine. Promising a tasting as refreshing as it is refined, this exceptional rosé wine is both dry, fruity and expressive. It has a beautiful, luminous salmon colour with golden hues and a fine, elegant nose dominated by red fruit aromas. Fresh and gourmet, the palate reveals fruity notes of white fruits, citrus notes (grapefruit aromas) and subtle flavours of red fruits.

In addition to this cuvée, one of the estate's flagship products, Château de Berne offers other top-of-the-range rosé wines: Esprit Méditerranée from Méditerranée IGP, Les Oliviers, Inspiration, Romance and Impatience in Côtes de Provence AOC. The flagship of the estate, La Grande Cuvée of Château de Berne is available in rosé, but also in red and white.


In addition to its exceptional rosé wines, Château de Berne has a range of quality white wines: Les Oliviers, Inspiration and Grande Récolte. All these wines are produced in the Côtes de Provence appellation. The Terres de Berne wines are also available in white wine.


Best known for its rosé wines, Provence is still little known for its great red wines combining character and uniqueness. At Château de Berne, La Grande Cuvée is the proof. Combining finesse and character, this red wine is a blend of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes that is both supple and fruity. In addition to this cuvée, the estate also produces the Terres de Berne, Grande Récolte and Inspiration red wines.


Château de Berne works just enough of this exceptional terroir to produce its quality wines. Eighty percent of the vines are planted on a limestone plateau at an altitude of about 300 metres. This height guarantees cool nights. Thanks to the thermal amplitude, the grapes benefit from a slow maturation, which guarantees the aromatic finesse and freshness of the estate's wines. On this plateau, the limestone soil drains the rain effectively. By drawing water from deep in the soil, the vines give the grapes a mineral character. The wines derive a beautiful tension, salinity and great subtlety. Surrounding the château, the remaining 20% of the vineyard is planted on light, sandy soils, bringing richness to the estate's wines.


At Château de Berne, precision and rigour are applied in the vineyard to bring out the best in the vines. The aim is to work the land and the wine with a view to producing the best rosé wine in the world. Combining elegance and character, the estate's Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur rosé wine fully expresses the quintessence of its terroir.

In addition to the use of organic farming, this winery relies on innovative facilities to produce its exceptional wines. One of the innovations made at the château consists of fermenting a small part of the blend in selected wooden barrels before a maturation phase lasting several months. In order to implement this method of vinification, certain modifications had to be made in the choice of plots for the blend. In addition, a longer maceration time is respected, allowing the juice to remain in contact with the skin of the grapes for a longer period. These innovations allow the estate to produce a top-of-the-range, gourmet rosé wine with a high ageing potential.


The estate innovates in the cellars, proud of an innovative method of vinification based on a bias in the landscape of the Provence rosé wine appellation. This process is based on the fermentation of a small part of the blend in wooden barrels. After many adjustments upstream, notably concerning the choice of plots to be worked on, but also a longer maceration time, the estate offers a range of visionary rosé wines that may well shake up tradition in the wine world. This method brings volume, aromatic complexity and elegance to the wines. The winery produces a wide range of gastronomic rosé wines, which have become a reference in the region. Elegant and refined, the Terres de Berne is a gastronomic rosé wine that is not limited to the aperitif. Thanks to its roundness and freshness in the mouth, it is a perfect accompaniment to starters or Provençal dishes. In addition to Mediterranean cuisine, it is also a perfect match for Asian dishes such as sashimi and oriental dishes.


Grande Cuvée Rosé, presented in its emblematic square bottle, is one of the estate's flagship wines, expressing the terroir of Berne as faithfully as possible. Reflecting the mineral terroir of the château, this exceptional wine is made from Grenache, Syrah, Carignan and Cinsault grapes. This gastronomic rosé has a brilliant salmon pink colour. Particularly lively, expressive and intense, it develops aromas of citrus fruits, stone fruits and exotic fruits. The palate is marked by fruity flavours, notably vine peach, with a long, floral and round finish.

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