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The Maison Philipponnat has reached the top of its art! Owner of vineyards in Aÿ since the beginning of the 16th century, they are located in the heart of the Champagne region. The property has an exceptional vineyard, one of the largest in the Champagne region with 5.5 hectares: Le Clos des Goisses. Champagne Philipponnat presents extraordinary, top-of-the-range cuvées... Read more

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For almost a century, the Philipponnat family has left its mark on the Champagne region. This family estate is renowned for its unique heritage, including magnificent historic cellars dating from the 18th century. For almost a century, this Champagne house has owned an exceptional vineyard, one of the largest in Champagne with a slope of about 5.5 hectares, but also one of the oldest in the region: the Clos des Goisses. With its 45 degree slope, it is one of the steepest clos in Champagne. Facing due south, this terroir is also the warmest in the region. Protected from bad weather by low walls, this vineyard, located on the edge of the Marne, allows the production of an exceptional Champagne.

Clos des goisse, philipponat champagne, champagne philipponat , achat champagne


The House of Champagne Philipponnat offers exceptional wines, made from the best grapes, mainly from Premiers and Grands Crus, from the first press. For the elaboration of its Champagnes, the house takes care to use grapes harvested later, thus more mature than the average Champagne. The Maison Philipponnat has always had a particular style, producing wines that are tasty, powerful and balanced. The Champagnes from this family estate are renowned for their aromatic intensity, minerality and freshness.

At Philipponnat, a complete range of Champagnes is offered for all occasions. In addition to non-vintage and vintage Champagnes, the house also offers prestige cuvees. Among the Philipponnat ranges are :

  • Time: Corresponding to the house's reserve Champagnes, the Royale Réserve cuvées are available in Brut, Non Dosé and Rosé. They are made from mainly of the Pinot Noir variety, harvested in the finest vineyards of the Premiers and Grands Crus. The cuvées are aged for three to four years in barrels using the solera system.
  • Character: These vintage cuvées, Blanc de Noirs Vintage, Grand Blanc Vintage and Sublime Réserve Sec Vintage, represent the quintessence of the greatest terroirs of Champagne. Although each possessing a particular style, they all present an elegant vinosity.
  • Legacy / Cuvée 1522: The name of these cuvées refers to the year in which the Philipponnat family settled in the village of Aÿ. The Cuvées 1522 and 1522 Rosé are exceptional Champagnes made from the most remarkable Grands Crus of the estate. The majority of these wines are aged in wood, without malolactic fermentation. Aged in the cellar for six to eight years, these cuvées combine complexity and balance.
  • Absolute / Clos des Goisses: Remarkably powerful, Clos des Goisses and Clos des Goisses Juste Rosé are made from grapes from the most famous and oldest walled vineyard in the region.
  • Origin / Les Parcellaires: These single parcel cuvées, Le Léon, Les Cintres and La Rémissonne, are made from grapes selected from the house's historic parcels: in Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, lieu-dit called "Le Léon" in Aÿ and in the heart of the Clos des Goisses. Aged for at least seven years in the cellar, these 100% Pinot Noir Blanc de Noirs have been given an Extra Brut dosage to ensure that their aromatic richness and complexity are optimally expressed.

Clos des goisse, philipponat champagne, champagne philipponat , achat champagne


For several centuries, men and women from the Philipponnat family have succeeded one another on the land of Aÿ to produce exceptional Champagnes. As early as 1522, Apvril le Philipponnat, owner of vines of lieu-dit called Le Léon, halfway between Aÿ and Dizy, settled in this village. In the 16th century, the family's ancestors were winegrowers, but also merchants and suppliers to Louis XIV, Royal Mayors and magistrates of Aÿ. Since then, the heritage has been passed on from generation to generation.

Charles Philipponnat, representative of the 16th generation, perpetuates the tradition and never stops looking for the best to constantly improve the quality of the wines. To preserve the estate's centuries-old terroirs, Philipponnat works the soil naturally. Weeding is done by hand and ploughing is done by draught horses.

Clos des goisse, philipponat champagne, champagne philipponat , achat champagne

In the cellar, the Philipponnat family exploits an exceptional know-how in the solera barrel ageing method. The tradition of this Champagne house has always been to keep the reserve wines in oak barrels and to reintroduce them into the blend of non-vintage wines, up to a quarter to a third. This blend is then used as the reserve wine for the next blend. This technique keeps track of the vintages blended in each bottle.

Clos des goisse, philipponat champagne, champagne philipponat , achat champagne


The constant search for quality and excellence is at the heart of the production of Philipponnat Champagnes. In order to produce these great wines, all the steps taken in the vineyard are respectful of the terroir. This family estate relies on agriculture with the HEV 3 label (High Environmental Value) and is part of a certified sustainable viticulture approach in Champagne. For over 30 years, no insecticides or herbicides have been used on the estate. In addition, the organic amendments used are organic. To preserve the quality of its Champagnes, the Maison Philipponnat produces them from grapes picked at high maturity on small plots and favours small yields.

Clos des goisse, philipponat champagne, champagne philipponat , achat champagne

Clos des goisse, philipponat champagne, champagne philipponat , achat champagne

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