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In 1811, Pierre-Nicolas Perrier, a cork manufacturer in his own state married Adèle Jouët in Epernay. Their union sealed the birth of the Perrier-Jouët trading house. In 1854, Perrier-Jouët produced the first brut champagne in history (under the impetus of his son Charles), but it was also the first house to mention the vintage and the year of harvest on the label.... Read more


The history of the house goes back to 1810. Pierre Nicolas Perrier, cork producer in Épernay, married to Rose Adélaide Jouet, daughter of a calvados producer. Only one year after their marriage, they founded Perrier-Jouet champagne together. While Adèle concentrated on the vineyard and winemaking, Pierre Nicolas devoted himself to sales and marketing. In 1815, followed expeditions to Great Britain and in 1837 to the United States. Slowly but surely, Perrier-Jouet became famous.

At that time, people drank a lot of champagne called "à la russe". A style that responded to the taste of the time thanks to its high sugar content. But with Perrier-Jouet, it appeared very early on that dry champagne not only allowed a better quality, but was also much more digestible.

In 1854, Perrier Jouet produced the first brut champagne in history. The first stone of the famous Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut is laid. From 1870, the new dry style was introduced for all Perrier champagnes, and it did not take long for the whole competition to follow.

Perrier-Jouet was also the first champagne house to name the vintage and the cru on the label. This is still the norm today. It soon becomes clear that Perrier-Jouet was synonymous with quality and tradition, as well as anticipation and refinement.


The secrets of the Perrier-Jouet house are transmitted from cellar master to cellar master. In two centuries, Perrier-Jouet has employed only 7 cellar masters.

In 1993, Hervé Deschamps was appointed 7th cellarman of the Perrier Jouet house. He had previously spent 10 years learning from his predecessor, in order to master the subtleties of the Perrier-Jouet signature with its unique floral note. As the guardian of this knowledge, he now preserves and cultivates this precious heritage. In the vat, piece by piece, the cellar master tastes and tastes again and again until the Cuvée Perrier Jouet shines with all the elegance and typical finesse of the house. They are the creators of Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque and Grand Brut.


True to its artistic heritage, Perrier-Jouët champagne resembles unique works of art. The design of the bottle combines harmony, finesse and elegance, characteristics of Perrier-Jouët.

A pleasure for all the senses!

  • Perrier-Jouet Brut – This is THE icon of Perrier-Jouët, and it is a perfect introduction to the floral, elegant and diamond-studded style of Perrier-Jouet. The bright and sparkling yellow dress of Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut recalls the radiance of life. The perfume of the Cuvée arouses curiosity by the striking freshness and vivacity of the floral and fruity scents, before giving way to subtle vanilla and buttery notes, giving the wine a fruity and homogeneous character. The fullness and liveliness are balanced on the palate and develop into a taste of roundness and vinous elegance. Available at Vinatis in different sizes.
  •  Perrier-Jouet Rose - A Perrier-Jouët champagne that combines freshness and intensity. An exquisite delicacy in the Perrier-Jouët style. The Blason rose is adorned with a bright pink, with a slight orange shimmer. Its fine, lively and persistent brilliance gives it an intense freshness. Pomegranates, pears, apricots, blood oranges - the scents of ripe red fruits rise to the nose. A juicy and generous blend that brings out notes of biscuits, butter and pastry. The delicate character of white flowers is always present. The Blason Rosé is an intense and well-balanced champagne. With its lively and strong taste, Blason Rosé is a sweet and complex wine. Rich and long on the palate. A real gourmet champagne à la Perrier-Jouet!


5 hectares, 99.2% on the scale of great growths, and 5 of the most important wines without which this exceptional champagne could not exist. The Perrier-Jouët family has owned vineyards in Champagne since the beginning of the 18th century. Over the decades, this heritage has been enriched with passion and precision. The quality of the raw materials has always been a major concern for the Perrier-Jouët family, with particular attention to the noble Chardonnays that give the house wines their special character. In the first half of the 20th century, Perrier Jouet acquired two legendary terroirs, the Bourons Leroy and the Bourons du Midi. The vineyards of Perrier-Jouet are close to perfection, as the criteria for the AOC Champagne appellation attest. Each Perrier-Jouet Cuvée is composed of the 5 main wines of the "magic triangle of Champagne", which form the backbone of the house's vineyards and give its compositions length and balance.


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