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Champagne Haton & Filles

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The Champagne house Haton & Filles was founded in 1928 by Octave Haton in Damery, close to the capital city of Champagne: Epernay. He elaborated a real style and produced Champagnes coming from reputed crus. He passed on his knowledge to his son, René Haton who worked the soil with great skill and care and he made the domain develop. The cuvee Blanc de Blancs pays... Read more

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Located in Damery, a wine-growing town on the right bank of the Marne, Maison Haton & Filles is above all a family story that began in 1928. Octave Haton, a passionate winegrower succeeding his father, from the start set up his own vineyard and imposed his style thanks to his will and tenacity. Paying particular attention to the quality of the terroir, Eugène Haton, Octave's father, cultivates his vines on the slopes of the Marne Valley, which he considers to be perfect for the balance of the plants. He then passed on authentic know-how to his son Octave and his grandson René Haton. Continuing to preserve his independence, the latter makes the heritage of this Champagne House prosper.

Since 1983, Philippe Haton, grandson of Octave, supported by his wife Isabelle, has been at the head of this family house. Since the installation of their daughters, the latter now bears the name of Maison Haton & Filles. Continuing to privilege authenticity, this exploitation aspires to produce with the same passion a subtle and elegant Champagne, respecting the Champagne tradition.


For several years, unique know-how has been passed down from father to son, then from father to daughters, still allowing Maison Haton & Filles to offer authentic Champagnes. In addition to talent, the making of Champagne, constituting a successful union between human and the vine, also requires respect for traditions. Attaching great importance to the latter, Philippe Haton is in constant search of harmony in order to ensure the quality of his wines. To do this, he uses his olfactory and gustatory memory to create the blends of the crus and the vintages.

The Haton family itself has always carried out every action required to make Champagne: from the meticulous care given regularly to the vines to the work done in the cellar. In addition, for each cuvée, Philippe Haton takes care of each blend.


Today, Maison Haton & Filles operates a vineyard planted with noble Champagne grape varieties, namely Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay. The quality grapes obtained make it possible to develop different styles of Champagnes.
  • Solo de Meunier Brut, formerly Carte Blanche, offering a straight, light and fresh palate.
  • Accord de Cépages Brut, formerly Prestige, resulting from a blend of exceptional cuvées. This cuvée offers a powerful and intense nose, and a full and generous mouthfeel.
  • Sonate de Chardonnay Brut, a single-varietal Champagne, exceptionally smooth with lingering fruity and expressive citrus aromas on the palate.
  • René Haton Premier Cru, the nose is fine and elegant displaying white flower aromas. Fruity, light and refreshing on the palate.
  • Cadence Brut, formerly Grande Réserve, a Champagne with a fruity nose with a lively and frank palate.
  • Agathe Brut Rosé, revealing beautiful aromas of red fruits, both sweet and generous.
  • L’Octave Blanc de Noirs Extra-Brut offering a fruity and fragrant nose with sloe and stone fruit aromas evolving towards notes of figs and cinnamon. Lively and frank, this cuvée has a balanced structure.

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