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chenin BLANC

Loire Valley's Flagship variety

Chenin Blanc

Also called Pineau de la Loire, Steen (South Africa).

In the Loire Valley, depending on its terroirs of origin, it offers a wide range of wines. According to the vintage and the vineyard's proximity to the Loire river, it produces excellent dry, semi-dry or sweet white wines and, since the end of the 19th century, sparkling or semi-sparkling wines. Since 1655, Chenin has also been cultivated in South Africa where it has become the emblematic white grape variety of the country. It later spread to California, then to Argentina, Australia and New Zealand. In these temperate climates, it gives warm and generous wines, counterbalanced by the high acidity of the grape variety. With its high acidity bringing freshness to the wine, it provides magnificent dry white wines, like the Savennières, including the famous Coulée de Serrant, the one and only estate to have the monopoly of the AOC. Having an early budburst (bud development), it is very sensitive to noble rot, the fungus botrytis Cinerea, resulting in sweet, mellow or lusciously sweet wines. Wines of incredible complexity, to be drunk after up to 5 or 10 years, even 20 or 40 years for the sweet wines.

In France and all over the world

Vin français marsanne


- Loire Valley (Anjou and Touraine)
- South-West (Aveyron)
- Languedoc (Limoux)

Vins du monde marsanne


- South Africa
- USA (California)
- Argentina (Mendoza)
- Australia
- New Zealand

By type of wine: Whites, dry, sweet and sparkling

Vins blanc sec chenin

Anjou / Savennières / Saumur / Vouvray
Montlouis sur Loire / Jasnières /

Vins blancs sucrés chenin

Bonnezeaux / Coteaux-du-Layon / Quarts-de-Chaume / Vouvray / Montlouis sur Loire / Coteaux de l’Aubance

Vins effervescents chenin

Crémant de Loire / Saumur / Vouvray
Montlouis sur Loire / Cheverny

In the glass

vin blanc chenin

dry whites

Matured in vats, its colour is golden brown. Pretty fruity nose with a wide range of aromas (citrus fruits, tree fruits, exotic fruits for the very rich vintages), vegetal and floral (jasmine, chamomile). When older it gains in alcohol and structure and shows tertiary aromas of spices (liquorice) and hazelnuts. When in a cold climate: lemon, pear. Warm climate: pineapple, honey, spices.

vin blanc chenin

sweet whites

Golden hues turning amber with age. Notes of dried fruits, white fruits, quince, apricot, honey, pineapple, spices. Balance between alcohol, acidity and roundness.

vin blanc chenin


Lively with subtle aromas. The acidity allows to elaborate sparkling wines of great finesse: subtle aromas of yellow fruits, quince, yeast. Often rounder than champagnes.

Chenin with food

vins blanc sec chenin

dry whites

Vegetable terrine, quiche, grilled or creamed fish. Grilled poultry, cheese soufflé, asparagus, artichokes.

vins blancs sucrés chenin


Foie gras, sweet and sour Asian cuisine. Blue-veined cheeses. Yellow or white fruit desserts (tarte tatin, crumble, compote...).

vin effervescent chenin


One half of a successful Aperitif



The many facets of Chenin

Dry, sweet or sparkling, it contributes to the elaboration of great wines.

Coteaux du Layon :

Famous for the Coteaux du Layon, a sweet wine of exceptional concentration. The winegrowers prefer to cultivate their vines on well exposed sites and on stony soils that warm up quickly. This allows "Botrytis cinerea" (noble rot) to develop easily on the Chenin berries and to obtain great sweet wines. The best sweet wines, especially great vintages, can reach an ageing of more than 40 years thanks to the high acidity of this grape variety which ensures that the wines have a good aptitude for ageing.

- The original Coulée de Serrant :

Dry, it shines in the Domaine de la Coulée de Serrant, where the vineyard has been run using biodynamic organic methods since 1984. It is one of the greatest white wines in the world, an exclusive cuvée. The estate works the soil partly by horse (due to steep terroirs) and is also a fully-fledged PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) containing 7 hectares, held as a monopoly by the Joly family. This Savennières is seductive with its aromas of very ripe yellow fruits, elegant with its beautiful minerality. Unquestionably, it is a grand cru of the Loire and tasting it is a privilege. It is advisable to decant 24 hours before tasting.

- The traditional Crémant de Loire :

As opposed to Champagne and prosecco, crémants are also a popular choice for special occasions and Chenin is also a popular grape for these sparkling wines. Produced according to the traditional method, this sparkling wine from the Loire, white or rosé, surprises with its quality.

Chenin Blanc is also called Pineau de la Loire, Gros Pineau (Touraine), Gros Pinot Blanc de la Loire, Pineau de Savennières, Pineau Gros, Pineau Gros de Vouvray, Pineau Nantais, Pineau de Briollay, Gros Chenin (Maine-et-Loire and Indre-et-Loire), Anjou, Blanc d'Aunis, Blanc d'Anjou, Gout Fort, Luarskoe, Pineau d'Anjou (Mayenne), Capbreton blanc (Landes), Tête de Crabe, Franc blanc, Franche, Gamet blanc (Aveyron), Confort, Coue Fort, Cruchinet, Cugnette, Feher Chenin, Plant de Brézé, Plant de Salces, Plant de Salles, Plant du Clair de Lune, Quefort, Rajoulin, Ronchalin, Rouchelein, Rouchelin (Gironde and Périgord), Rouchalin, Rougelin, ; Agudelo, Agudillo (Spain), Steen (South Africa), Stein, Vaalblaar Stein, Verdurant.

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