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During the Black Friday weekend, Vinatis offers you massive clearance sales,
with bottles at unbeatable prices

Rendez-vous the 27th November 2020

Prepare yourselves!

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Black Friday: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

« Black Friday » comes straight from the USA. Its Origin ?

In the US Black Friday always follows Thanksgiving – which falls on the 4th Thursday of November each year, it holds a special significance for Americans. 

It is the day dedicated to the commemoration of the arrival of the first pilgrims on the American continent, the Mayflower docked in Plymouth Bay, Massachusetts in 1620. Having just arrived the first pioneers lived in difficult conditions, with their survival depending on what little food they could find. With almost no stores left, fortunately for them, the natives of the new land offered them supplies and nourishment... Thus thanksgiving: a remembrance and a thank you to those generous souls who gave to the forefathers of America.

Since then this day has become tradition and a bank holiday where families come together over a meal to celebrate.

We’ll spare you the details of turkeys and chestnuts.. Back to the subject at hand… Black Friday. Its origin is due to 2 things:

1. After Thanksgiving Thursday, American families used to go to town on Fridays to shop and enjoy unbeatable sales. The city streets filled with cars and pedestrians, literally black with people.

2. Historically, in the United States, corporate accounting was done by hand. Negative balances were recorded in red. However, with the monster promotions offered, generating monster revenues for merchants on the Friday following Thanksgiving, businesses accounts were back in positive territory, with accounting lines written in black.

Black Friday in Europe

For numerous years now this trend due to the success of Black Friday has been exported to countries all around the world and notably to the UK and Europe. Long awaited by consumers during the year, Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of incredible deals! A perfect opportunity to make smart purchases in preparation for the holiday season.

Vinatis also hosts Black Friday: and this year its all weekend!

Hitting hard with great deals on all your favourite wines and champagnes. 

1. Make sure not to get mixed up with the dates! This year Black Friday Weekend starts the 27th of November!

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3. On D-Day, don't wait too long before ordering if you have your heart set on certain wines! With the deals we are going to be offering you, our stocks are likely to run dry quickly...

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