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  • Our sommeliers have approved this great everyday wine!


    Fruity and with a particularly well dosed tannins, it continues to please by its elegance and balance at the palate. A nice discovery...

    8,46 €
    11,28 € / L

  • This Cotes du Rhone from Guigal confirms its reputation of an unavoidable safe value!


    Once again the house Guigal - noted 5 stars by Robert Parkerconfirms its leading position! A red wine on the freshness of the fruit, fine and pleasant to enjoy from now on.

    10,71 €
    14,28 € / L


    0,75 L Rose Wine / France / Corsica / Ile de Beauté / 13% vol

    Médaille d'ARGENT - Concours Général Agricole de Paris 2017 Hachette Rosé Guide: ★

    7,71 €
    10,28 € / L

  • A great cuvée at a great value for money!

    Gérard Bertrand is the owner and partner of the best winemakers of the Languedoc. He's only 22 years old when he must take the reins of his father's field and do the hard job of winemaker. 

    Today, 40 years, he acquired a mastery and know-how. His name and  wines make talking the press, and his prestigious wines are on the  card  of the best French gastronomy tables  and his less expensive wine is required from us with the utmost of sincerity.

    Immediately seduced by the crystal-clear and pure coulour, the elegance of a 'real' rosé is confirmed when tasting this gris blanc. Thirst-quenching with a taste of citrus and white fruits, its vividness and fineness makes it an enourmous pleasure to drink and all this with an excellent quality-price relation.

    An enjoyable rosé at bargain price... Easy, frank and balanced. In thmouththe attack is full of liveliness and finesse... You will finish the bottle without noticing! 




    10,61 €
    14,14 € / L

  • Exotic and fresh white wine at a terrific price!


    After the succes of Domaine du Tariquet, discover UBY... the new aromatic bomb! Light and fruity, expressive aromas of citrus fruits and from incredible freshness: serve it chilled for a successful aperitif. Warning: one bottle won't be enough!!!

    7,61 €
    10,14 € / L

  • A little price for a big favorite! THE ideal Cotes du Rhone!!!

    This red wine is a miracle: it proves that quality doesn’t depend on the price! Its bright and ruby color, its spicy and fruity nose, its balanced and tannic mouth: all the characteristics of a wonderful wine are gathered!

    8,52 €
    11,36 € / L

  • Cuvée Tendresse becomes Cuvée Domaine des Vals

    Previously called Tendresse – Tenderness in French, the new Domaine des Vals vintage remains incredibly seductive. Its deep colour with charming violet tints opens up on to a powerful wine with red and black fruit aromas. Fresh and round, this pleasant fruity wine will be an asset to spend an evening with you beloved one or for a simple meal with friends. A seducing red Languedoc!

    5,89 €
    7,86 € / L

  • Our tasting team’s “coup de cœur”!


    Our tasting team had a crush on this Entre-Deux-Mers during their last white wine tasting in Bordeaux. Extremely fresh and fruity at the first sip, your palate will be seduced by the fine and crystalline balance of this cuvée from chateau Haut Nadeau. With such a value for money, you are sure to do the right choice to go with seafood and cooked fish. Don’t miss it!!!

    7,39 €
    9,86 € / L

  • Body, fruit, finesse and depth: harmony reigns!


    This red wine is produced by the sons Perrin, the owners of one of the most famous Chateauneuf-du-Pape: Chateau Beaucastel. Fruity, scrumptious and full-bodied: it is THE Cotes du Rhone. The cuvee Reserve is silky and incredibly fresh. If you’re looking for an elegant and subtle wine to pamper your closest, here it is! The house Perrin managed to turn a simple Cotes du Rhone into a real great wine!

    10,39 €
    13,85 € / L


  • 213 item(s)
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