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Distributed in France only to the best wine merchants and the finest restaurants, Château de Laubade has for many years made it a point of honour to recognise the exceptional quality and prestigious savoir-faire of its Armagnacs. Recognized throughout the world, the range is complete. From the simple V.S.O.P. (Very Superior Old Pale) to vintages of more than 50 years old,... Read more

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Located in the heart of Gascony and facing the Pyrenees, Château de Laubade has been the property of the Lesgourgues family since 1974. At the time, the property was under mixed farming, but Jean-Jacques Les Gourgues quickly specialised in Armagnac production, increasing the surface area dedicated to vines from 20 to 100 hectares. Today, Château de Laubade is the largest vineyard in the appellation and is, without a doubt, THE standard for quality Armagnacs.

A prestigious reference

Disseminated in the best terroirs of Bas-Armagnac, this vineyard includes 40% of Ugni Blanc, 30% of Baco, 15% of Colombard and 15% of Folle Blanche: 4 traditional grape varieties, raised by their care and which alone have the right to enter into the blends of this great reference of Armagnac. This land of tradition can also count on hundreds of ewes who, every year, from May to October, produce the organic manure that will care for and nourish it naturally.

Château de Laubade has also chosen to age its eaux-de-vie in Gascony oak barrels for much longer than required by law. Renowned for their authenticity, the Armagnacs of Château Laubade are no less popular for their elegance, richness and complexity.

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