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Our Values

To Valorise Clients Review - Vinatis

To Reward Client Reviews

One of our priorities is to remain attentive to our customers. We encourage them to give their opinion on our wines by reviewing them.

Our sommeliers do not hesitate to taste for a second time a wine that our customers express that they don't like, and will even remove it from the website according to the outcome of the tasting. Through constructive and varied opinions, our sommeliers are developing a range of wines that reflect the tastes of our customers.

These reviews are the strength of Vinatis, a true wine lovers’ community.

To Cultivate relatioships of trust with our suppliers

To Cultivate relatioships and trust with our suppliers

We care about our relationship with customers just as much as the one we have with our suppliers.

This also requires an ethical pricing policy; that does not seek to cut prices, but rather to establish a true partnership.

Prices and business operations are established in agreement with the Estates and winemakers.

To Share our spirit

Involvement, teamwork, creativity, fun and quality are our raison d'etre.

We want to put people at the heart of our strategy so everyone can give the best of themselves. IT, purchasing, design, order processing, web marketing, customer service... everything is managed internally by a strong and competent team.

Always ahead, constantly thinking, new projects flourish continuously at Vinatis!

What Do Others Say About Us
Winegrowers' words

Constant Follow Up of New Vintages

"Vinatis is one of the oldest Internet partnerships of Alain JAUME & Fils and GRAND VENEUR, in Chateauneuf du Pape. Although the selections [...] are rigorous, I particularly appreciate the follow up of new vintages year after year.

This demonstrates a desire to create a real partnership with the producer, which - to us - is a proof of trust and appreciation for the painstaking work that is carried out every day in the vineyard. Moreover, the consideration provided by Vinatis for customer satisfaction is maximal. You buy with confidence, from A to Z."


Christophe JAUME, Domaine Alain Jaume & Fils e Grand Veneur, Rhone Valley (Châteauneuf-du-Pape).


Respect to commitments

"All teams at Vinatis were able to communicate with ours, and be actively involved in the development of sales of our wines and in the valorisation of the fruit of the work of our winemakers.

A job that pays today, especially because Vinatis brings us a maximum visibility; thanks to its deep respect to its commitments with us, the suppliers. We have established a relationship with Vinatis under the sign of this confidence, which has been in place for a duration. Trust, fairness, transparency and rigour make us proud to see our wines recommended by a beautiful and meaningful showcase on the net: VINATIS."


Mickaël VIOLLEAU, Alliance Bourg, Bordeaux.


trust, professionalism and customer respect

"In recent years, sales of wines on the internet have increased. As with traditional wine merchants or restoration, we always look for a distribution of quality; in which the notions of trust, professionalism and customer respect must be paramount. These values are the strengths of Vinatis, which participates in the distribution of the Estate Combier for over 5 years in an exemplary manner."


Laurent COMBIER, Domaine Laurent Combier, Rhone Valley (Crozes-Hermitage).


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