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« Corkscrews are the only weapons I tolerate! (Jean Carmet) »

My favourites
I have a weakness for epicurean wines; those that immediately make you want to get together with friends to share a good meal. That’s why I love wines from Languedoc-Roussillon, they are light and full of joy! I'm also a fan of beer, especially if a little hoppy. My curious side never leaves me, so I love discovering new beers!
Doesn’t matter if they come from the other side of the world or from the brewer next door…
She has...
  • the biggest mug of all our staff
  • a really hard time getting up every morning
  • a yoga mat in her car; although she never uses it (it’s so classy!)
  • a smile on her face. Except for mornings and when she's hungry...
  • an artistic concept of ‘tidiness’
...a meal planned to pair with good wine and her best friends all the time!
For me it was Love at first sight
The Must-have
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My favourites in a mixed case

If I had to pick only 6 wines on all Vinatis’s website, it would be them:
Atypical wines Well priced Full of life
A selection of wines that don't look like much, but are actually surprising!

My 3 nuggets

Little known, these bottles are really worth the detour...
If you were a friend I'd say:
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