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« All roads lead to Rum »

My favourites
Rum: as they say in the Caribbean, solves all problems and it’s good for the soul! That does not prevent me from drinking other things though, especially when eating. Being generous, and enjoying life to the full, I like wines that are like me: unctuous, full-bodied and full of sun!
What matters the most to me are my mates; my selection is ideal for parties that go on all night long!
He has...
  • a bottle of flavored Rum to share constantly
  • a cellar that’s filled with good bottles,
  • a natural tendency for parties,
  • a good sense of humour,
  • a relaxed attitude at all times
For me it was Love at first sight
The Must-have
top affaire
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My favourites in a mixed case

If I had to pick only 6 wines on all Vinatis’s website, it would be them:
Friendliness Sharing Epicurean
The unifying case which will guarantee moments of life that are 100% pleasure!

My 3 nuggets

Little known, these bottles are really worth the detour...
If you were a friend I'd say:
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