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Our selection of lower alcoholic wines, ciders, tonics, sodas, fruit juices and non-alcoholic spirits to make your mocktails!

Soft drinks, low alcohol drinks, non-alcoholic drinks: why drink alcohol-free?

A real current trend, non-alcoholic beverages are attracting more and more consumers who are concerned about their well-being, their health and who are looking for a healthy lifestyle. The success of non-alcoholic or low-alcoholic beverages reveals a new way of consuming and more responsible attitudes, particularly through a reduction or abstention from alcohol.

Alcohol-free wines, alcohol-free beers, alcohol-free spirits, alcohol-free cocktails, alcohol-free aperitifs... The trend of alcohol-free drinks is asserting itself in accordance with a balanced lifestyle while enjoying oneself!

No alcohol or low alcohol: An underlying trend?

Non-alcoholic or lightly alcoholic drinks have become a real trend among consumers seeking moderation, but not necessarily abstinence. This booming market affects different consumer profiles: people looking for a healthy and balanced lifestyle, sportsmen and women who want to reduce their alcohol consumption, people on a diet, pregnant women or those who want to alternate between alcohol and non-alcohol drinks. "No alcohol" or "low alcohol" is a trend that usually takes off at the beginning of the year during "Dry January". The designated driver likes the idea too!

Dry January, understand the "month without alcohol".

Dry January is a challenge to take a break from alcohol for a month. This challenge is an opportunity to test your ability to stop or moderate your alcohol consumption. The benefits of Dry January are immediate for your health: increased energy, better sleep, more beautiful skin and weight loss. A dry January for the benefit of your health!

Or simply drink less, but better!

The idea is simply to consume differently, but better: by changing our drinking habits and indulging in alcohol-free drinks. A good way for consumers to discover new alternatives to alcoholic drinks and to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

A rising trend in mixology

Non-alcoholic cocktails are becoming a real trend in mixology and are becoming more and more popular with consumers. A non-alcoholic cocktail is a real cocktail and not just a simple mixture of fruit juice, syrup, ginger beer or tonic! The flavour of a cocktail depends above all on the mixologist's talent, know-how and imagination. Making cocktails is an art!

Alcohol-free cocktails

Non-alcoholic cocktails are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the talent and inspiration of bartenders. The combination of different flavours offers cocktails with the same aromatic palette as alcoholic drinks. Indeed, it is thanks to the assembly, the selection of the products and the dosage, that a cocktail is delicious, and not necessarily because of the presence of alcohol!


Most people know alcohol-free cocktails as mocktails; an adaptation of alcoholic cocktails, reproducing the taste of alcohol but without alcohol and using non-alcoholic spirits such as gin. Fruit juices, tonic water, ginger beer and ginger ale are also indispensable allies to make a good mocktail!

Alcohol-free beer

A growing market, alcohol-free beer has become a good alternative to classic beer. It is ideal for those who want the same flavours and aromas, but prefer not to drink alcohol. Healthier and lower in calories, non-alcoholic beer offers the same taste pleasures as a classic beer, to the delight of your taste buds.

Is alcohol-free wine possible?

Non-alcoholic wines are also part of the trend in the non-alcoholic market and are very successful around the world. A non-alcoholic wine is a de-alcoholised wine that comes in all colours: non-alcoholic white wine, non-alcoholic red wine and non-alcoholic rosé wine. De-alcoholised wines are obtained by gradually, or even completely, eliminating the alcohol through various processes such as evaporation or stopping alcoholic fermentation. The aim is to remove the alcohol from the wine without altering its taste and aroma too much.

Is alcohol-free champagne possible?

A festive drink par excellence, champagne exists in a non-alcoholic version for the pleasure of consumers who do not wish to drink alcohol. As prestigious as a real champagne, the non-alcoholic version is appreciated for its sparkling character, its fine bubbles and its aromas, which are very similar to a classic champagne. Indeed, this sparkling wine generally undergoes a de-alcoholisation at low temperature, ensuring the preservation of the champagne's flavours. Chic and refined, non-alcoholic champagne is an excellent option for healthy lifestyle enthusiasts in search of effervescence and sparkling sensations!

Not to mention the growing popularity of "Nosecco", non-alcoholic prosecco!

Non-alcoholic spirits

The spirits market is also affected by the growth in alcohol-free consumption, which is a real source of renewal and inspiration for bartenders. Designed to be closer in taste to classic spirits, non-alcoholic spirits can be consumed neat or in cocktails and offer a wide range of aromatic combinations. De-alcoholisation processes allow for the creation of flavour profiles that are closer to traditional spirits, preserving the aromas and authenticity of the product. An excellent way to enjoy yourself while taking care of yourself.

Vinatis offers non-alcoholic and alcohol-free drinks

Are you looking for a 100% authentic, quality alcohol-free drink? Visit our online shop! Vinatis offers you a selection of soft drinks & low drinks: tonics, soda, fruit juices, without forgetting alcohol-free beers and alcohol-free spirits. For your aperitifs and to make delicious mocktails, don't hesitate to enhance them with our selection of Fever Tree, ginger beer, ginger ale and fruit nectar. The must-have non-alcoholic drinks to spice up your favourite cocktails!

Fewer calories, lower sugar, fewer worries

Non-alcoholic beverages naturally have a much lower calorie content than equivalent alcoholic beverages. Let yourself be surprised by alcohol-free cocktails and aperitifs that are delicately fruity and low in sugar. Low-sugar non-alcoholic beverages are a good alternative for a healthier life!

Lighter alcohol-free aperitifs

It is possible to indulge in tasty, lighter, non-alcoholic aperitifs and cocktails while enjoying a tasting experience. The list of healthy, refreshing aperitifs and cocktails with less sugar is long! Alcohol-free beers, alcohol-free wines, alcohol-free sangria, alcohol-free Gin and Tonic, Virgin Mojito, Virgin Piña Colada, alcohol-free Spritz...

Alcohol-free party

Drinking alcohol is not necessary to have fun. It is possible to party without alcohol and have a great time!

The reasons for having a "sober" evening are different for everyone:

  • firstly, it should be remembered that alcohol abuse is harmful to your health
  • self-control (e.g. driving)
  • the desire for a period of abstinence (such as the Dry January challenge)
  • pregnant women: drinking alcohol during pregnancy is toxic to the foetus and can lead to various complications.
  • designated driver
  • health reasons
  • simply those who do not drink alcohol

Sober parties are a new concept for partying. A new healthy trend that has become popular! This art of living comes primarily from the United States.

Virgin mojito recipe

Easy to make and thirst-quenching, the Virgin Mojito cocktail is the alcohol-free version of the famous Mojito.

Ingredients for 1 Virgin Mojito

  • 1 lime
  • 8 fresh mint leaves
  • 2 tsp brown sugar
  • sparkling water
  • crushed ice


  1. Cut a slice of lime to keep for garnishing.
  2. Cut the rest of the lime into segments, then put them in a tumbler.
  3. Pour in the sugar, add six mint leaves and crush with a pestle.
  4. Add the crushed ice and remaining two mint leaves.
  5. Fill with sparkling water and decorate garnish with the slice of lime.

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