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United Kingdom

2/4 DAYS

  • Delivery from Monday to Friday before 6p.m
6,00 €

Price from 1 to 6 bottles

0,50 €

per additional bottle

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Beware, the delivery time applies to all our products available in 24 hours. For the products available in 10 days, the delivery terms apply from their arrival at our depot.

Delivery periods run from the moment you receive an email confirming the shipping of your order.

The order will be shipped upon receipt of full payment and after verification by the accounting officer (immediate order processing). If you pay by cheque or bank transfer, the order will be delayed until receipt of payment into our bank account. Vinatis does not accept payments in several instalments nor payments within 30 days. Bottles will be dispatched in boxes suitable for transportation in order to ensure the safety of the shipment. All deliveries require a signature.

If you're not in at the time of delivery? A delivery notice will be left in your letter box for you to arrange either a new delivery appointment, or collect your parcel(s) at a relay point or in the nearer post office. Your order will remain 14 days at the post office and 8 days in a relay point. Beware: we can't resend a parcel that has already arrived at a post office or a relay point.

There’s an unexpected delay with your delivery? You don't have a proper follow up to your order? Were all the products of your order available? Don't hesitate to check your order history. The delivery man might have unsuccessfully tried to call you. Have you received a delivery slip in your mailbox? Have you asked a close neighbour or caretaker if they have received something on your behalf? Otherwise your delivery has been delayed or is awaiting return delivery instructions. In any case, don't hesitate to ask for more information from our customer service by telephone on +44(0)20 3499 5093 or at

You can't find the pickup point where your parcel was delivered/the pickup point’s name doesn't appear on the parcel tracking but only its code? Go to the website: Click on 'où nous trouver' (our locations), enter the postal code and choose the type of pickup point you prefer. You can find the list of the different pickup points and their codes in the tabs.

Sending a gift? Vinatis takes care of everything! We never attach our invoice to the package(s) (invoices only available from your customer account) and you may also include a personalized message at the checkout process. You can track your shipment directly via your customer account when the Chronopost delivery mode is selected. When selecting a standard delivery, you can contact our 5-star customer care centre at or at

Delivery Locations: Unfortunately we are unable to deliver to certain locations such as the overseas French islands as well as the addresses of certain army bases. If you live on an island, an extra delay of one day can be expected. Would you like to be delivered directly to a post office? Enter the name of the post office in the company box and choose the ‘send by Chronopost’ option. There are steps to climb? In the case of a standard consignment, the delivery driver is unfortunately not covered in the event of an accident and will deliver the parcel in this case at the foot of the steps.

In the event of an incident: You must verify the content of your parcel in the presence of the deliverer. Any damage due to transportation must be mentioned on the delivery receipt next to the signature. The recipient has then 2 days to submit a claim to our customer service. No claims will be considered if precise remarks to express dissatifaction have not been made on the delivery receipt of the carrier in the presence of the deliverer.

Livraison en Corse : Les frais de livraison sont de 18€ TTC par colis (1 colis = 6 produits).

Other destinations
CountryPrice from 1 to 6 bottlesPrice per additional bottle *Delivery time
United Kingdom*£6.00£0.502-4 working days **
Within EU
CountryPrice from 1 to 18 bottlesPrice for each additional bottle *Price per 18-bottle rangeDelivery wait times
Austria 6,05 € for an order under 120,00 €
0,00 € for an order above 120,00 €
4-5 working days**
Belgium 6,00 € for an order under 100 000 000 000 000,00 €
2-3 working days**
Bulgaria23,00 €1,00 €18,00 €4-6 working days**
Croatia23,00 €1,00 €18,00 €4-6 working days**
Czech Republic23,00 €1,00 €18,00 €3-4 working days**
Denmark 6,20 € for an order under 100 000 000 000 000,00 €
3-4 working days**
Estonia23,00 €1,00 €18,00 €5-7 working days**
France 10,00 € for an order under 150,00 €
5,00 € for an order above 150,00 €
18€ TTC par colis pour une livraison en Corse (1 colis = 6 produits)
4-5 working days**
Germany 5,85 € for an order under 120,00 €
0,00 € for an order above 120,00 €
3-5 working days**
Greece 5,95 € for an order under 100 000 000 000 000,00 €
6-8 working days**
Hungary23,00 €1,00 €18,00 €3-5 working days**
Italy 6,00 € for an order under 150,00 €
0,00 € for an order above 150,00 €
3-6 working days**
Latvia23,00 €1,00 €18,00 €4-6 working days**
Lithuania23,00 €1,00 €18,00 €4-5 working days**
Luxembourg 5,80 € for an order under 100 000 000 000 000,00 €
2-3 working days**
Netherlands 6,00 € for an order under 100 000 000 000 000,00 €
2-3 working days**
Poland23,00 €1,00 €18,00 €3-4 working days**
Portugal 5,95 € for an order under 100 000 000 000 000,00 €
3-6 working days**
Romania23,00 €1,00 €18,00 €4-5 working days**
Slovakia23,00 €1,00 €18,00 €3-4 working days**
Slovenia23,00 €1,00 €18,00 €3-5 working days**
Spain 6,00 € for an order under 100 000 000 000 000,00 €
3-5 working days**
Sweden23,96 €1,04 €18,75 €4-7 working days**

Delivery to some countries / fiscal territories outside the European Union Union (Canary Islands, Faroe Islands, Guernsey, etc.): unfortunately, we are unable to deliver to them..

*Price applicable for a 0.75l bottle only. Bottles containing other amounts (magnums, jeroboams, BIBs) will be charged pro rata by their weight. E.g. A 1.5l bottle = 2 x 0.75l bottles

**Our delivery times are purely a guide and may fluctuate during different time periods.