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Gift ideas from the greatest Estates!

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  • The ideal gift signed by The star of the South West of France! 


    His wines are renowned the world over, he is an absolute reference and its vintages are always of impeccable quality. With Tariquet, you can't go wrong, you have the best of Côtes de Gascogne. These 3 bottles are a safe bet from the House Tariquet. Layed in a golden box, they will make an impression!






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  • The ideal gastronomy gift for the gourmets among your friends!                        


    The natural sweet wines are at the forefront! Proud of its success among the biggest critics and the press (Robert Parker and the hachette at the head), the House Lafage has made this beautiful wooden case composed of a Muscat de Rivesaltes, a Maury and a Rivesaltes Ambré Hors d’Age. A real trilogy of safe bets that will please the amateurs of good food and interesting discoveries!  

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  • The best wines from the south-west of France: a tasting box for a successful initiation!


    A golden colour box with 3 different bottles of wines from the Brumont house, a reference for south-west wines. Brumont is now know worldwide and is a rising star! Alain Brumont is an autodidact. He now owns several vineyards facing the Pyreneans. His work in the respect of the environment and his patience have led him to create great wines loved by connaisseurs. A great gift box!


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  • 3 safe bets signed by the House Joseph DROUHIN


    This is a mixed case that will please Burgundy amateurs! These 3 bottles are references in their respective appellations. A Macon Villages, a Saint Veran and a Côte de Beaune Rouge: 3 wines, 3 stories, 3 special moments to come! A simple, effective and safe way to please your guest or to make someone happy!


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  • The best of the Burgundy region reunite in an infaillible giftbox


    How to please Burgundy wine amateurs? By offering them three of the nicest vintages of the Maison Bouchard Père et Fils: the unmissable Burgundy domain! The Macon Lugny will delight by its delicacy, the Côteaux des Moines rouge will seduce by its generous fruitiness, as for the Beaune du Château blanc, the Beaune Premier Cru enthusiasts will love it. A deliciously complete giftbox!



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  • To discover or rediscover wines from the biggest domains in Roussillon!


    Even if you have already tasted the delightful Lafage wines or if you wish to discover this domain, this 3-bottle gift box at an unbeatable value is made for you. It will also be a perfect gift: delivered in a golden gift box, you will be sure to please any wine lover!


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  • The stars of Chapoutier gathered in a gift set!

    A superb gold-colour gift set with 3 wines from Michel Chapoutier, one of the most important wine makers of Rhone. We selected 2 red wines and 1 white wine. A wonderful Saint-Joseph, a friendly Côtes-du-Rhône and of course a Viognier at its best. This gift will please everyone, fans as well as neophytes!

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  • A beautiful selection of the prestigious Burgundy house CHANSON PERE & FILS in a prestigious case.


    The Domain Chanson magnifies the Burgundy terroirs, from Côte de Beaune to Côte de Nuits, and are world renown for the quality of their know how. Discovera Beaune 1er Cru of great purity in this case, a racy Pouilly-Fuissé that became a favourite of the Vinatis sommeliers and a Montagny 1er cru deliciously fresh and balanced. 3 sure bets that we are happy to introduce you to. You know the "song" (Chanson in French): to make someone happy, only give them the best!!!

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    2,25 L Wine Gift Case (3 bottles) / France / Rhone wine / 13% vol / 100% Syrah

    Guide Bettane et Desseauve Note 14/20 Guide Revue Des Vins De France 2017 - Note 14/20 Guide Bettane & Desseauve 2017 : Coup de Cœur
     Michel Chapoutier's star in a 3-bottle gift box at a very special price!

    A superb Chapoutier 3-bottle case from the unmissable Deschants vintage signed Michel Chapoutier, one of the greatest references of Rhône wines. We have selected the the most unmissable jewel for the holidays! A gift box that will surely please amateurs as well as beginners! 

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