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Compensated reviews : live your passion for wine

Because Vinatis is a website with a human face, we wish to maintain a true enthusiast’s community and give them the floor. Thanks to Compensated reviews, we give you the possibility to make your own choices and discuss your purchases.

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Hesitating between two different wines?

To satisfy your thirst for curiosity, follow other people’s reviews in the "I loved it" section. A scoring system was developed to rate the wines from 1 to 20. These reviews will guide you through your purchases.

You enjoyed a wine?

We encourage our community to write a review on wines they drank. Express your sharp sense helps us improve the way our clients make choices.


To write your wine review, create an account and click on the scale using one to five stars. We bring the score on a scale of 20 to reveal our clients’ total average. Write your review: each validated comment will give you a £1 voucher to use on your next order!

A range built with our clients

Your review helps us building a coherent and profitable product range which answers your needs. Thanks to your comments we have a more qualitative approach: For example, our sommeliers do not hesitate to taste a badly rated wine a second time and even process to the withdrawal of the product on the site if necessary. It is because we are interested in your opinion that we maintain our leading position.

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