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  • A first choice champagne!


    A very expressive nose, a touch ofyellow fruitsin mouth, this champagne is unctuous and has light bubbles. The finale blossoms harmoniously into flower notes. Thierry and Dominique Massin has produced a real fine and delicate champagne with an astonish value for money! To drink very fresh. 

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    18,75 €
    25,00 € / L

  • A growers' Champagne at an unbeatable quality/price ratio.

    The house CL De La Chapelle comes from the collective of champagne growers, which guarantees that a certain champagne comes from the vines grown by the winemaker himself and it is developed on the field. Instinct Brut Premier Cru can make you feel the relief and the terroir of Champagne region. A first nose with white fruit overtones gives way to notes of white flowers. The attack is greedy, fine with a nice minerality. A very pleasant champagne to drink as an aperitif, to discover now without hesitation!

    21,32 €
    28,42 € / L

  • This champagne will seduce everybody!


    Fresh, fruity, well-balanced and supple. Persistent froth and regular sparkling with white fruits and citrus fruits aroma. Its finale is long and supple. For the aperitif or with the meal, it will fit everybody!

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    26,67 €
    35,57 € / L

  • The Royal Family's favourite Champagne!


    In this price range, one of our sommelier's favourite Bruts! Discover the refinement of the Pol Roger Cuvée Brut Réserve: a fine effervescence, a floral and fruity bouquet, ripe and refreshing mouth with great  bun flavours ... A must to taste!


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    36,32 €
    48,42 € / L

  • The unique style of the most famous Estates in the region!

    Supple and so fruity, this universal champagne is well-composed and proposes aromas of fresh fruits, dried apricots, citrus peel and toasted brioche. The Mumm Cordon Rouge best represents the excellence of the producer and is particularly enjoyed for its freshness, intensity and regularity

    The world-famous Estate is known for its good appearance and its targeted advertising, and on top of that - most importantyl - for the great taste. This champagne is good for all occasions: family reunions, parties, weddings...Everyone will agree on it.

    We owe this emblematic product to Georges Hermann Mumm. In 1876 he had the idea to decorate the bottle of Mumm Champagne with a red silk ribbon; the emblem of the Royal Order of Saint Louise and of the Legion of Honor. The move was so succesfull that people stopped asking for "a bottle of Champagne" and started ordering "a bottle of Cordon Rouge"!

    26,25 €
    35,00 € / L

  • This soft Lambrusco with aromas of cherry and strawberry will make you melt of pleasure during an aperitif or for the desert!

    We all agreed: it is our favourite!! The key of its success? Fine and light bubbles, so festive!!This Lambrusco belongs to the most appreciated ones with explosive aromas of red fruits, unctuous grapes and luxurious fizz! Serve it fresh for a light aperitif or for dessert, everyone will be compelled!

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  • Here is the winner Cava selected over more than 50 ones tasted in the last 6 months, the one which compelled our sommeliers!


    Cygnus offers an aromatic complexity where aromas of fruits and smoked walnuts and notes of honey and brioche mix up harmoniously. Great fizz in mouth and long finale ends the tasting. These characteristics remind, according to 1+1=3, the graceful ballet of a swan (Cygnus). Enjoy these Spanish bubbles for the aperitif or with a fruity dessert. Always keep a bottle in the fridge, it will be the perfect partner of every celebration!

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    9,54 €
    12,71 € / L

  • Success guaranteed with a champagne of every happy life moments!


    Treat your palate with the citrus perfumes and the fine bubbles of this fresh and expressive champagne. A cuvee of independent producer that proposes an excellent mix of quality, price and pleasure. The comments left by our customers prove it!

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    18,10 €
    24,14 € / L

  • Our best seller in champagne since 2003!


    The brut cuvee from Haton & fils is perfectly balanced, fruity and full-bodied. The nose is expressive and the round and fresh mouth will immediately seduce you! Coming from a well-known house of champagne, the quality-price value is unbeatable! Ideal as an aperitif or with a dessert.

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    22,71 € / L


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