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    0,7 L Spirits / Martinique / Rhum / 50% vol

    “The rum JM de Crassous de Médeuil is without doubt the Rolls Roys of the gender!” – Cuisine et vins de France


    The sugar canes grew on the plateau of the Habitation Bellevue – the location of the distillery – and are exclusively used for the production of JM rums. They give purity and flavor to the alcohol. The perfumes of sugar cane and fresh mango brings incredible pleasure. To discover!!

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    0,7 L Spirits / Guatemala / Rhum / 40% vol

    The Gran Reserva Especial, complex, structured and sweet...a must!


    The Gran Reserva is a limited and numbered edition of 6 to 25 year old rums aged 2300 meters high in Bourbon, Xeres and Pedro Ximenes barrels. It has a pleasant freshness with a nose of oak, vanilla, almond paste and rosted nuts. You will be delighted with this legendary, suave and balanced rum

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  • A nectar for the most demanding of palates


    Above the clouds of Guatemala, at an altitude of 2300 meters, This rum is made from a unique blend of rums from 6 to 23 years of age and aged in 3 different kinds of barrels. Aromas of honey, caramel, spicy oak and dried fruit mix up nicely in this soft, sweet and sirupy Zacapa 23...Divinely good!!!

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  • Don papa, the high level of gourmandise!


    Don Papa comes from the Occidental Negros Islands, where philippine sugar comes from and is aged on the hillsides of the kanlaon volcanoin old oak barrels that used to have bourbon in them. A blend of rums of over 7 years of age that makes it fruity, revealing aromas of mandarine, apricots, raspberry, vanilla and cinnamon. The mouth is both soft and round, revealing a hint of gourmandise with notes of fruit cake and the burst of candied citrus aromas. This is THE rum of the moment!


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    0,7 L Spirits / Venezuela / Rhum / 40% vol

    The ideal gift set to discover Diplomatico's emblematic rums!


    You will discover the Diplomatico Reserva 8 years rum and Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva 12 years. The Reserva has strong tannins and an attractive roundness. The Reserva Eclusiva, soft and balanced, develops a large aromatic range that seduces novices and experts. An exotic gift set! 

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