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  • This wine lives up to its name! An evolved, expressive and refined Ventoux

    Following a 12-month aging, Excellence offers an expressive nose and smoothness on the palate. Its oriental spices and pepper notes create an ideal Ventoux to accompany delicious home cooking.Great for your home-made dishes!

    2 review(s)
    8,57 €
    11,43 € / L

  •  "A breathtaking wine" - Robert Parker


    Made of grapes from vines of over 40 years old, les Darons (the fathers in slang) is aptly named! Charming with a fruity and spicy nose, balanced and powerful, it has a light roasted hint (even though it was aged in barrels) that adds texture and generosity. A strong and safe wine made for the bons vivants! 

    3 review(s)
    8,56 €
    11,41 € / L

  • “This is a terrific example of what makes the best Roussillon reds distinctively special, and represents an extraordinary value” – Robert Parker


    No, you’re not dreaming, for the third time, this red wine under 5€ was rated 90-92/100 by Robert Parker. This is an incredible feat for the winery Les Vignerons de Tautavel from Languedoc! Fruits, freshness, some spicy notes for harmony: THE ideal cuvee to share!!

    3 review(s)
    7,61 €
    10,14 € / L

  • Our sommeliers have approved this great everyday wine!


    Fruity and with a particularly well dosed tannins, it continues to please by its elegance and balance at the palate. A nice discovery...

    8,46 €
    11,28 € / L


    0,75 L Red Wine / France / Bordeaux wine / Côtes de Bourg / 12,5% vol

    A wine as we like them: designed for pleasure, but at mini price!

    This cuvee seduces by its bouquet of ripe red fruits and offers an ample and generous attack. Balanced and structured mouth, tight tannins: this red wine offers an interesting pleasure-price ratio and will fit every occasion! Safe value to fill in your cellar!

    5 review(s)
    9,59 €
    12,78 € / L
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  • You gonna roar of pleasure! A Gold Medal, the press and our sommerliers are unanimous. Let's goooo!

    We fell under the charm of this wine. THE typical Cotes-du-Rhone wine. Silky, fresh, elegant and subtle. Sure you will ask for some more!!

    1 review(s)
    11,68 €
    15,57 € / L
    Only 1446 bottle(s) left

  • A little price for a big favorite! THE ideal Cotes du Rhone!!!

    This red wine is a miracle: it proves that quality doesn’t depend on the price! Its bright and ruby color, its spicy and fruity nose, its balanced and tannic mouth: all the characteristics of a wonderful wine are gathered!

    8,25 €
    11,00 € / L

  • Incredible quality for such a low price – totally modern and delightful Bordeaux wine!


    Concentration and aromatic richness are the keywords to describe this fruity, smooth and refreshing red wine. You’ll be charmed by the flavours of red and black fruits; the tannins are finely marked by licorice and pepper and the structure is hold by perfect crispy freshness. Pure pleasure!

    1 review(s)
    7,77 €
    10,36 € / L


  • 954 item(s)
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