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Japanese Whisky

They started to produce whiskey on 1923. In less than a century Japanese has reached the top quality! Lots of japanese whiskys awarded prizes at the San Francisco World Spirits Awards or at the World Whiskies Awards. The mild weather, many sources and the presence of mires explain Japanese whisky's high quality. Gentle, perfumed, sometimes smoked as the Islay Island style...That is a must to be discovered ! 

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  • A fruity elegance and a typical smoky flavour... Nikka black takes you to the dark side of Japanese whiskeys!

    A refined balance and a rare complexity, Nikka Black ranges between fruity and delicate peaty notes. The complexity of its aromas is the result of a rigorous blend of Japanese single malts combining typical smoky Yoichi notes with the elegance of Miyagikyo malts. A moment of pure pleasure!


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  • Nikka: the most famous Japanese whisky!


    Intense, elegant and round; this whisky is the product of the marriage of two single malts - Miyagikyo and Yoichi - and a grain whiskey.

    A bestseller which owes its fame and its success to its hefty 51.4% ABV; giving it power, originality and mastery. A whiskey with complex floral and fruity overtones, accompanied by a hint of spice. Accessible, Nikka From The Barrel will convert whisky novices and seduce the greatest whiskey lovers.

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  • An atypical Japanese 100% grain whiskey!

    Nikka surprises us here with this 100% grain whiskey, normally used for blends and rarely bottled as it is. It comes from the corn distilled in Coffey stills, and offers a very original whisky; fruity and exotic with a great quality/price ratio. Notice to connoisseurs looking for an atypical whisky!


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  • The most accessible of Japanese whiskys!

    Japanese Nikka distillery, master of blends, once again demonstrates its internationally recognized expertise with this blend. Embodying the typical Japanese spirit, Nikka Blended Whisky focuses on gluttony with its low alcohol (40%), and the perfect marriage between its intense fruitiness and roundness. A nice way to start getting to know Japanese whiskies.

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  • VERY LIMITED QUANTITY... warning: tasting addictive!

    Hitherto reserved for the Japanese market,  THE NIKKA is now available in Europe! This blend is a surprise... It's hard to guess that such a rich and complex whisky is a blend of malt and grain whiskeys. Its rich palette of aromas combines perfectly its fruity indulgence; it makes you want to extend the tasting... We literally felt in love with its charme!



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    0,5 L Spirits / Japan / Whisky / 40% vol

    An unpredictable blend for an unforgettable tasting

    A blend of single malts Yoichi and Miyagikyo, and of a whiskey made from 100% malted barley, distilled in a column still, "All Malt" by Nikka is a surprising blend! Full of fruity and slightly mineral notes, it impresses with its smoothness and its greediness!


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    0,7 L Spirits / Japan / Whisky / 43% vol

    GOLD Medal - World Spirits Awards 2010
    Exceptional Japanese single malt, absolutely unique!

    Whether you are a real passionate connoisseur or a daring curious looking for authenticity, this incredibly fresh Japanese single malt is made for you! It exhales fruity aromas with notes of wood and peat which nicely fill the mouth. The aftertaste is dry with a slightly smoky note. It announces an amazing journey through the senses to the land of the Rising Sun!

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  • Whisky aged in the very rare Mizunara (the Japanese oak) barrels

    Whisky aged in the very rare Mizunara (the Japanese oak) barrels Discover the enigmatic Hibiki, a majestic, rich and complex blend. You’ll be immediately seduced by the intensity of its flavours and by its so particular bottle!

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  • Fall in love with the most peated whisky of the range Nikka!

    The aromas of smoke and peat dominate the aromas of Nikka Pure Malt White, with an addition of slightly vegetal and iodine notes. Its creamy texture and structure fall into the tradition of Japanese whiskes. An intense malt that will satisfy the most audacious whiskey lovers, with the most peated whiskey of the range Nikka!


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