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  • VERY LIMITED QUANTITY... warning: tasting addictive!

    Hitherto reserved for the Japanese market,  THE NIKKA is now available in Europe! This blend is a surprise... It's hard to guess that such a rich and complex whisky is a blend of malt and grain whiskeys. Its rich palette of aromas combines perfectly its fruity indulgence; it makes you want to extend the tasting... We literally felt in love with its charme!



    106,06 €
    151,51 € / L


    0,7 L Spirits / Scotland / Islay / Whiskey / 40% vol

    A great value for money for this peated, fruity and saline whisky!

    This blend smells of its terroir: Speyside pear and smoky peated notes from the Isle of Islay. The silky, smooth and harmonious mouth leaves a salty feeling on the mouth and a nice length on the palate. A delightful moment ahead!

    30,96 €
    44,23 € / L

  • A Whisky MADE IN FRANCE!

    The BM N°2 is the first daring bet from the Black Mountain range. Discover the charms of woody aromas, vanilla, fruity and honey notes obtained after a 6 month ageing in Armagnac barrels. Les BM2 is not just for enthusiasts. A French Whisky of great quality to drink on th rocks. A perfect combination between Scottish power and French finesse!

    42,75 €
    61,06 € / L


    0,7 L Spirits / Ireland / Whiskey / 35% vol

    The softness of honey in a smooth whiskey: a smart and savoury combination!

     Paddy combines subtle notes of vanilla and Irish honey, famous for its quality, to their pure and light whiskey. You can make delicious cocktails or drink it at the end of a meal. 

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    25,61 €
    36,58 € / L

  • WHISKY PADDY - 35cl

    0,375 L Spirits / Ireland / Whisky / 40% vol

    Offer yourself a treat with this 35 cl bottle format!


    "One of the softest of Irish Whiskies" - Jim Murray, international whisky expert 

    If Paddy is know to be a strong whiskey (40°), it remains one of the softest Irish whiskies thanks to its excellent water and barley quality that constitutes it and give it its purity and lightness. Complex and fresh aromas, round and powerful texture...this very nice single malt has  it all. Weather you drink it on the rocks or in a cocktail, this whiskey is a must! 


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    35,71 € / L


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