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Brexit Transition

Brexit Transition

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20th May 2021

To all our dear customers,

As you may know, all deliveries to the UK have been disrupted due to the logistical changes Brexit imposed on shipments. Being based in Annecy, France, our parcels have to cross the France - UK border, which is no longer as simple as it was previously under EU jurisdiction. While adjustments are made, all destinations in the UK are affected by this situation. These adjustments make us unable to determine when exactly UK deliveries will restart again.

We are currently finalising the necessary backroom work with our logistics partners to allow customs cleared, legal deliveries, ensuring there won't be any more interruptions moving forward. As soon as we know when service will be resumed, the information will be shared through our newsletter and featured prominently on our site.

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused and promise you we are working hard to overcome said obstacles for the much-awaited return of our deliveries to the country.

The Vinatis Team