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Best selling wines

In this section, you will find our 30 best-selling wines! They are our clients' favourites; we are sure that they will steal your heart as well!

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    0,75 L White Wine / France / Bordeaux wine / Entre-Deux-Mers AOC / 12,5 % vol

    GOLD Medal - Concours Général Agricole de Paris 2016
    A safe bet among Bordeaux red wines, gold medallist in Paris !!

    Did you like the red Château Haut Pougnan ? Then discover without hesitating the white one and let yourself be surprised with a 100% pleasure wine! To serve fresh for the aperitif or during your meal paired with fish or seafood. Aromatic, full of freshness with its citrus flavors, we fell in love for this bottle that will also seduce you... Undoubtely a sure value signed by the Château Haut Pougnan!

    10,79 €
    14,38 € / L

  • A great cuvée at a great value for money!

    Gérard Bertrand is the owner and partner of the best winemakers of the Languedoc. He's only 22 years old when he must take the reins of his father's field and do the hard job of winemaker. Today, 40 years, he acquired a mastery and know-how. His name and  wines make talking the press, and his prestigious wines are on the  card  of the best French gastronomy tables  and his less expensive wine is required from us with the utmost of sincerity.

    Immediately seduced by the crystal-clear and pure coulour, the elegance of a 'real' rosé is confirmed when tasting this gris blanc. Thirst-quenching with a taste of citrus and white fruits, its vividness and fineness makes it an enourmous pleasure to drink and all this with an excellent quality-price relation. An enjoyable rosé at bargain price... Easy, frank and balanced. In thmouththe attack is full of liveliness and finesse... You will finish the bottle without noticing! 

    14,00 €
    18,67 € / L

  • Bright colour, spicy finale, aromas of red fruits: the red wine parallèle 45 will make you melt for!


    No parallel to draw, this one is unique! The house Paul Jaboulet Ainé is a great reference in the Rhone Valley thanks to prestigious cuvees (La Chapelle) but keeps the same quality for the „affodable“ ones. Around a table with friends, one bottle won’t be enough! The pleasure will never end!

    13,46 €
    17,95 € / L

  • Exotic and fresh white wine at a terrific price!


    After the succes of Domaine du Tariquet, discover UBY... the new aromatic bomb! Light and fruity, expressive aromas of citrus fruits and from incredible freshness: serve it chilled for a successful aperitif. Warning: one bottle won't be enough!!!

    11,11 €
    14,81 € / L

  • This Cotes du Rhone from Guigal confirms its reputation of an unavoidable safe value!


    Once again the house Guigal - noted 5 stars by Robert Parkerconfirms its leading position! A red wine on the freshness of the fruit, fine and pleasant to enjoy from now on.

    14,11 €
    18,81 € / L

  • THE wine to have in your cellar


    Elegance, complexity, righteousness, finesse of the perfumes: this cuvee has everything! The structure is well-defined and proves that it’s a worth keeping-in-cellar wine.

    Between its high Parker rate, its excellent value for money and the prestige of the domain, you have no reason to doubt. 

    21,07 €
    28,09 € / L

  • Our sommeliers have approved this great everyday wine!

    In the heart of Entre-Deux-Mers, close to Créon, the vineyards of Chateau Haut-Pougnan stretch on the hillside of the right river bank of the Garonne, on a superb clayey and chalky terroir. And it is this clayey and chalky soil that allows to obtain very fine wines with such a subtle bouquet. Fruity and with a particularly well dosed tannins, it continues to please by its elegance and balance at the palate. A nice discovery... A jewel of Bordeaux at a small price that will make the happiness of your guests!

    11,86 €
    15,81 € / L

  • Premières Grives is always a big hit for customers ... and it's no surprise!


    Like the previous vintages, Tariquet offers us a successful 2011 vintage, with a crispy fruit and a legendary sweetness ... Always at the top, vintage after vintage, our best-seller at the best price!

    14,54 €
    19,38 € / L


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