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Christmas Food
and Wine Pairings


Christmas dinner


Quels vin pour noel

What wines to serve this Christmas?

The Christmas holidays are coming up fast! And who says "Christmas parties", says "Christmas party meals": real marathons of food where the feasts last forever. Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve... Every year, we put the cutlery back on the table with the existential question: What to drink with these festive dishes?

Our experts have worked like super-heroes to make you a tailor-made selection, from the aperitif to the dessert! Have you worked out your menu? Your table plan has already been thought of. Tablecloths, plates, glasses, candles... the decoration is just waiting for the big day... For the choice of alcoholic beverages and the delivery of the bottles, you can trust Vinatis!

Have you chosen your Christmas menu?

Aperitif, cold starter, hot starter, main course, dessert… there will be many refined dishes to match. For each of these, our sommeliers have designed a wine list that will honour your table. Vinatis' tailor-made "Special Festive" selection takes into account the flavours of the sea as well as those of the land. Find here the right bottle to accompany the inevitable emblematic dishes. Humm!!! All these suggestions make your mouth water!

From the Grands Crus to the more eclectic wines that are neither drunk nor known, here are the nuggets that everyone will be talking about on New Year's Eve! Everything is on this page! Let our experts guide you!

The perfect pairings!

For Christmas, the great classics are served: from the starter to the dessert, it's a parade! Oysters, foie gras, turkey, yule log… Marrying these festive dishes with wines is no easy task when you know nothing about them! Carefully selected by our experts, red wines, white wines, sweet wines, fortified wines, will go perfectly with your festive meals. Not forgetting the Champagnes!

You should know that there are several possible combinations: Between the classic complementing pairing, which respects the harmony of flavours, and the contrasting pairing to play the originality card by betting on the unexpected, just to get away from what has already been drunk... Vinatis plays the big game by betting on safe bets. For a perfect match, all you have to do is respect a few rules of service and tasting, especially for wine.

Avoid false notes!

When it comes to the order of wine tasting, you have to build up to a crescendo! You serve the wines like a wine expert, when...

  • • Wines in ascending order of strength and quality.
  • • White wines and rosé wines before red wines.
  • • Light wines before full-bodied wines.
  • • Young wines before older vintages..
  • • Dry wines before sweet wines.
  • • Wines served fresh before the ones served in room temperature (between 18 to 20°C)

Choosing only one wine for the whole meal is possible! As long as you adjust the dishes accordingly. It's also a way to stay within your budget!

  • If it is a red wine, it will generally not match well with seafood! On the other hand, it will go well with red meat, duck breast, game, chocolate or red fruit desserts.
  • If it's a white wine, choose fish and seafood as a starter and a main course, followed by a fruit dessert. And if you didn't have to choose between cheese and dessert, know that white wine and cheese always go well together!
  • If it is a gastronomic rosé, do not make the mistake of pairing it with dishes in sauce! This does not enhance its freshness or its aromatic profile. Go for game birds (quail stuffed with grapes), or sea food (sea bream carpaccio, skate wing, monkfish, scallops). Bonus: With their low alcohol content, these rosé wines lighten the meal!
  • As for sweet white wines, they are suitable for starters (foie gras), with cheese or dessert. However, the sweet, mellow or luscious wines can saturate the palate, making it difficult to appreciate the rest of the meal. The sweet white wines will certainly go well with cheeses of character: blue cheeses (Roquefort, Stilton...).

Poultry will not go with a wine that is too powerful, too dense or too tannic. For desserts, the trick to remember is that the colour of the wine matches that of the dessert.
Golden rules:

  • • Match the richness of a dish: a rich dish requires a full-bodied wine.
  • • Match the aromas of a dish: a very fragrant dish will require a more aromatic wine.
  • • The wine serves the dish, and vice versa.

Finally, it would be a shame not to enjoy these wines without the optimal service conditions. Pay attention to the serving temperature: some red wines need to be opened in advance to oxygenate in the bottle or in a decanter. As for old vintages, decanting will avoid deposits at the bottom of the glass.

différents vins pour la table de noël


Champagne has not said its last word!

Whether it is Christmas or New Year's Eve, there must always be a bottle of Champagne in the fridge! An unmissable festive drink, often drunk as an aperitif or with dessert, Blanc de Noirs Champagne goes well with meats of character such as lamb and game (venison, partridge). These are so-called "vinous" vintages with fine bubbles, made for long ageing and having spent most of the time in oak barrels. The strength of the Blanc de Noirs Champagnes makes them a perfect accompaniment to your poultry dishes.

We love it whatever it is: Rosé Champagne, Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs, Vintage Champagne, Magnum format, Jeroboam or even made into cocktails! And what if you surprised with a sparkling and fruity Christmas cocktail this year? And yes, the Champagne cocktail, we had to think about it!

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Dear Santa Claus...

That's it! The garlands are flashing. In the living room, the tree is struggling as best it can with your acrobatic cat... Every morning you anxiously think about your gift list while chewing the chocolate of the advent calendar: Christmas is coming! In our warehouses, the little elves are busy preparing your orders and every year Santa's list gets longer. No wonder! Our experts have put together a tailor-made selection for you. There's something for every budget and every taste! What about you? Have you made your list for Santa? The Vinatis Christmas shop is sure to delight you!

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To give a bottle of wine as a gift: Great tips

We all know someone who loves good wine. By offering a good bottle, you have every chance of pleasing someone! Whether the bottle is ready to drink or to be kept in the cellar, it is a pleasure that is projected in time: the lucky person who receives the bottle will be able to decide when they will open it at the right moment. The super idea? Offer a bottle whose year corresponds to a special date, for example: a year of birth, the year of a meeting...

Which wine to offer for Christmas?

Offering wine is not an easy task, especially if you know nothing about it. Father-in-law likes long-keeping wines, mum has a weakness for full-bodied wines, while your other half is crazy about bubbles? Fortunately, our sommeliers have prepared selections calibrated for all profiles: fruity, powerful, woody, sweet, dry or light... Thanks to the selections presented by our experts on this page, you don't need to be an expert to find the right wine for your taste! The menu on the left allows you to refine your search by type or by price. The best wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhône, Languedoc and other regions, not forgetting our selection of wines from around the world for those with a thirst for discovery! From the Grand Cru to the rare or atypical wine, you will find something to surprise the most discerning wine connoisseurs! The Vinatis Christmas shop offers thousands of special offers and great deals! So many bright gift ideas for the most indecisive!

Cadeau bouteille de vin

Cadeau entreprise

Ready made wine and Champagne gift boxes

On this page, a summary of the best gift ideas to be sure to offer the ideal and original gift that will fill with pleasure. Wine boxes, Champagne boxes which reach the height of luxury in their sumptuous cases. Gold medal wines, wines by region, or the best Robert Parker scores... Offer the best wines in a single box! Between Magnum, luxury box and gift set with 2 Champagne glasses... something tells us that there are eyes that will sparkle with happiness. Enough to satisfy the most demanding palates! These gift boxes contain precious bottles and on a shelf in our warehouse, they are just waiting for their new owner! The magic of Christmas is sometimes condensed into many bottles!

Gift voucher: a foolproof gift idea

Afraid to make a mistake? The Christmas gift idea that pleases every time is just a click away! Guess what? It's the gift voucher! Absolutely fabulous, it has the gift of putting everyone in agreement! The last minute gift idea for the latecomers and the most indecisive!

End of year corporate gift

Are you a company or a works council? Would you like to reward, thank or motivate your best customers, employees and suppliers? With Vinatis, stand out from the crowd with small gestures that will not go unnoticed! Organisation of banquets, special "company" rates reserved exclusively for your employees, advantageous gift vouchers, company gift boxes: a wide choice of customised wine and Champagne boxes from 2600 references in stock. A large order? Send your own packages with a personalised message for each of your recipients. A single order for a multi-address shipment to several delivery points in France and Europe. Clever!


End of year business gift, discounted price works council. Thank your best customers and employees.


Prepare for Christmas with confidence. Request a personalised quote online.

Christmas gifts: Why to choose Vinatis?

  • • Accessibility 24/7
  • • Search according to your budget
  • • Live advice with chatbots
  • • Secure payment
  • • Careful transport
  • • Delivery to the address of your choice
  • • Highly professional customer service

While the race for Christmas presents is in full swing in the shops, now is the time to buy online.

Ordering from Santa Claus on the Internet is practical and saves money! Fulfilling your long list of gifts without having to leave your home means avoiding the rush in the shops, waiting in traffic jams or looking for a parking space! Not only can you order online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without interruption from anywhere, but you also benefit from the advantage of delivery to the address of your choice, secure payment, express delivery, you benefit from a special Christmas selection. Whether you choose a personalised gift box or a bottle in a presentation case, the delivery is careful and the packaging secure.

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please consume in moderation.

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